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The Things They Carried ( These hard rockers from Long Island are poised for a big year. They completed a record with famed producer Casey Bates (Chiodos, Pierce the Veil, Isles and Glaciers, Fall of Troy) that was released on Dec. 17. They’ve toured relentlessly on the East Coast, and plans for an even bigger tour this year are in the works. As their bio describes it, their music is a mix between Killswitch Engage and Muse, and while I tend to stay away from the heavier screamo stuff, the melodies of this band are so catchy that it’s hard not to be impressed. Keep an eye on this one—we know we will. Check out their music video here. - Jessi Beer-Dietz.

"Music video "364 Day Anniversary" from The Things They Carried"

The name of 3TC's debut album, "There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone," initially sounds cryptic and mysterious. We definitely were wondering what's behind both the band name and the cd title. We asked 3TC what that's all about and got a pretty staightforward, serious answer. "There are things people carry all of their lives, things they can't share or tell to anyone. Baggage: everyone carries pain and suffering but keeps it to themselves. People feel like they have to keep it inside." Clearly, that settles that! If you listen to the song and read the lyrics (see below), you'll catch the same intensity there, a dark memorializing of that common thread of mortal suffering we all share at some point, yet somehow, survive.

On choosing the right song from the album for a music video:
The song, "364 Day Anniversary" was "an easy choice for the band," says Steve Schwartz, writer/vocalist. "It just spoke to us as the song to release; an easy story to follow, people can relate to it. Since it's about my last relationship, one gone sour, it's probably one of the most personal songs to me, lyrically." Shot in late October 2010, at a muddy creek in Norfolk, Virginia, the video was orchestrated by the industry-renowned Scott Hansen, who has directed music videos for Ill Nino, Otep, A Day To Remember, Bury Your Dead, Alesana, Motionless in White, Willie Nelson, and many more artists from numerous genres. We asked Steve what kind of vibe they were looking for...did the band bring their own ideas to the table? "We told Scott (director) we wanted something dark, seriously dark; something really intense with a realistic feel to it," says Steve. This made perfect sense to us after listening to "There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone" over the past few days. The album shines with eclectic melodious vocals. Serious, torrential & emotional lyrics filled with that rare sort of anguish that can only come from an agonizing loss or unveiled truth. All this raw emotional melody is interspersed with painful fury. When we say fury, we're referring to 3TC's occasional, but apt screaming vocals, very characteristic of the deluge of suffering and survival in the album's songs.

We are very excited about the music video debut from 3TC & are asking all of our HARD-ROCK-REVIEWS.COM readers to please join us in posting a link to this video on facebook, myspace, twitter, etc! Even if this isn't your kind of music, go ahead & share it w/friends, because you never know who will think it's awesome! We sure do! The fact that the cd is less than ten bucks certainly puts a smile on many faces! - Angela Villand


"Attention Crisis" EP (7/10/2009)

Current Singles The Rationality of Failure and 364 Day Annicersary have streaming and radio play.

"There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone" LP ( 12/17/10)



Long Island's The Things They Carried, or 3TC as they are affectionately called by their hometown fans, is a band on a mission. After recording their first EP "Attention Crisis" in spring of 2009, the band hit the road with a vengeance touring the east coast for just over a year. By summer of 2010 3TC knew it was time to head into the studio again and make a record. "We wanted to create something that all of us were equally excited about. We wanted every song to be as good as the next, no fillers!" singer/songwriter Steve Schwartz explains. The band headed to Shoreline, Washington just outside of Seattle to work with famed producer Casey Bates (Chiodos, Pierce The Veil, Isles and Glaciers, Fall of Troy). With Casey on board the band knew that this record would be exactly everything they wanted and everything that there fans would hopefully want.

Released on Dec.17th 2010. The album titled "There's Something I Can't Tell Anyone" talks about many issues that people can relate to whether it be a relationship gone sour, feeling like you don't belong, a secret that you're afraid to share with anyone, or self image issues. "I like to write about issues that people don't really talk about and keep locked inside" explains Steve Schwartz. 3TC has definitively created a sound they can call their own, while including aspects that fans love to hear. The band's ability to switch from intense screaming and heavy breakdowns to epic sing along choruses will keeping you asking, "What's Next?" Live, 3TC, leaves it all on the stage. "Without an amazing live show to back up a record, you can't really move forward" says drummer Andy Illiano.

With a 2011 tour in the works The Things They Carried are focused on making their mark and continuing to write music that they are proud of and hopefully inspires others.
The bands philosophy is best summarized by frontman Steve Schwartz: "Music, we believe is about taking risks, putting yourself out there, and hopefully people grab on to it."