The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres
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The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres


Band Country Soul




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7' Captain Fish Heart/Vengeance
Digital E.P. Hangovers & Heartbreak



Andrea Azevedo - Vocals
Elyse Besler - Bass/Vocals
Curtis Austin - Guitar/Vocals
Sean Wiesner - Drums

Like all good things in rock and roll, The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres were born in heartbreak and a
bottle of booze.
Their songs are stories told with soul, and played to a good old fashion tune.
They’re a simmering roots rock act pushing all the twang a 200 watt lunch box amp can produce; and just as they’ll always console you when you’re down, they’ll surely help you kick up some dust when you’re ready to get back up again.

In 2009 Andrea Azevedo, having just moved from Vancouver to Toronto a year prior, and saddened by the end of a special relationship, began writing songs with her good friend Curtis Austin. The period they affectionately refer to as their, Summer of Drunk, soon became the birth of something new. “Curtis and I would get wasted and write silly songs together,” Azevedo explains. “Then one day Deanna (a promoter at the Bovine Sex Club) offered us a show and we were like, ‘oh yeah, I guess we kinda are a band.’” Andrea’s voice when either a whisper or a shout is powerful. Sometimes sultry, sometimes sweet, and sometimes even sad, it is as it should be when singing songs about heartbreak, redemption, and vengeance.

Curtis Austin is a well-known, and well-loved figure in Toronto’s music scene. He was born “in the middle of nowhere,” as he puts it, “the day before the Beatles played America.”. Playing on and off since the 80’s in various punk, bluegrass, and arty party lounge acts in Winnipeg, Toronto and Vancouver. “I actually saw Andrea
busking when she was a teenager,” Curtis recalls of living out west.

In their early days Curtis and Andrea were joined by Robert “Pretty Bobby” Lechner who would simultaneously play bass guitar, while he worked a kick drum, and a high hat with his feet.

It may be no coincidence that The Thinly Veiled Double Entendres began building steady momentum in 2011; the same year bassist Elyse Besler joined the band. Originally from Alberta, Besler moved to Toronto from Montreal in 2009.

With Elyse on board the momentum was strong, but the band was still without a regular drummer. Occasionally the spot would be filled by local legend Sir Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, C’mon, Happy Endings) who would eventually go on to produce the band’s debut EP Hangovers & Heartbreak.

The line up was complete when Sean Wiesner joined the band just prior to their EP release party in 2011, a sold out raucous evening at the legendary Bovine Sex Club.
Wiesner (Beyond) is known as the band’s tall, handsome, mysterious stranger. A man of few words, with an affinity for, two tone shoes, vintage sports cars, and motorcycles.

Currently the Thinly Veiled Double Entendres are playing regularly in Toronto, planning a summer tour and writing new material for their next release.

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