The Third Life (T3L)
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The Third Life (T3L)

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Sugar & Water - released Jun '04

Where The Fun Starts - released July '04



High energy, uplifting and inspirational not only describes their music, but their personalities as well. What makes The Third Life so charismatic is the fact that Charlie Ronayne (right), Steve Wight (middle) and Fids (left) were such good friends before they started T3L.

“To know someone so well that they can finish your sentence, complete your thought, know your next move before you do…that’s the way it is with these guys…my friends, my brothers.”
“Steve Wight and I have been the best of friends since we were kids. We have been through a lot together. Growing up, our greatest passion was BMX riding. All of our friends were either into bikes or music. We would ride the ramps all day and jam by the fire all night. Steve just started banging away on this plastic torso that was hanging around my backyard. That’s what started his music career as a hand percussionist.”
"There was a time when we buried ourselves in music. Steve traded in the plastic torso for a djembe. We started pumping out music. It was instantly natural to me. It’s like mentally vomiting out songs.”
“Fids is also a die hard BMX’er. I used to create underground BMX videos. Fids happened to see one and sought me out. He is a great kid and has a very intelligent side to him… not only does he play a kick ass guitar, he can play leads and sing backup vocals at the same time. I find that very rare and refreshing with today’s musicians.”
“We really know deep down inside that it takes the three of us. Our combination is one in a million. We compliment each other to no end.” ~ Charlie Ronayne

“All things in my life shifted when BMX riding took over and I met Charlie. As we rode everyday we started developing our friendship and our passion for music. When I bought my first real drum (a djembe), we dimmed the lights and kicked out the Moody Blues, “Nights In White Satin” which pronounced musical chemistry between Chuck and I. It gave us a channel to throw ourselves and all of our energy into.”
“Fids was one of the young local BMX riders who was always around and this kid was NUTS! I loved him immediately and knew I wanted to get to know him better. With Fids’ bicycle skills and great guitar playing he was a perfect fit for this ‘THIRD LIFE.’ I could not think of two other people in the world that I would rather play music with ‘FOR REAL!!’ ‘FOR LIFE!!!’” ~ Steve Wight

“I was thirteen when I started riding BMX. I met Charlie that year. It was kinda “surreal,” because I was a kid hanging out with the guys that I looked up to in the videos that I watched everyday. It’s that big wish that every kid wants and all I did was reach for it and I made it real.”
“I learned some of Charlie’s songs sitting around the fire and when Steve came over to play the music was full, the energy was high and it felt natural. I got the feeling that this was what I should be doing and these are the people that it’s gonna happen with… my friends. Playing music with Charlie and Steve keeps me alive and it makes me and many others smile and laugh every day.” ~ Fids

In April of 2004 they officially formed The Third Life - Charlie (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Steve Wight (hand percussionist and vocals) and Fids (lead guitar and vocals). By July 31, 2004 they had released two CD’s, “Sugar & Water” and “Where The Fun Starts.”