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The Threat Remains

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"Darkness Surrounds Album review"

Just 15 seconds into 'money cant control', the opening cut from these glaswegians debut album, throat man Danny unleashes an impressive scream that’s part phil anselmo and part Ronnie jams Dio. It’s a fitting start, as throughout the course of the album the band whip up a bloody metal fury that is steeped both in traditional metal and post-millennial metalcore. Its nothing particularly new, but the band don’t claim to be reinventing the wheel at all and as a result theres an honesty to this album, especially given its DIY genesis, that is lacking in other similar acts.
As raw as early metal acts like King Crimson , but as aggressive as more contemporary bands like Bleeding through and Murder One, The Threat Remains will live up to their name. 7/10

Rock Sound Magazine Issue 93

- Rock sound magazine


Full lenght "Darkness Surrounds" 2006
single "Hunger for Destruction" jan 2007



The Threat Remains are a fast, powerful, aggressive and yet surprisingly melodic and heartfelt thrash metal band from Glasgow. As step beyond what you’d expect from a band of this style their music portrays the many extremes of human emotions and the internal conflicts these create. Formed in Glasgow in 2002 The Threat Remains began to put together their unique repertoire of music, dark lyrical content and intense vocal performances. Written predominantly by lead guitarist Barry and vocalist Danny, the inevitable line up changes and set backs young bands face did not halt their creative and artistic development.

In Early 2005 with Craig on second lead guitar and drummer Steve already seasoned members of the band a new bass player Colin was added and the current line up of the Threat Remains was born. After a short but intensive rehearsal period the new line up hit the stage and began to really show people what they could do. Their sound and their songs were instantly memorable and the stage shows so bursting with fury and energy that they quickly left their mark on stunned punters and fellow musicians alike. Quickly noticed by local promoters as “a band on the move” The Threat Remains were soon topping the majority of gigs they played.

In March of 2006 Barry approached old friend and studio owner Pete Sneddon about the possibility of doing a new recording for them. At the start of April they began what was supposed to be a two week recording done in everyone’s spare time. Two months later with guitar parts still being done it had grown into the band’s debut album. ” It was really unexpected that it would end up an album, it caused problems too, because all the drum tracks had been done in a day. Ultimately we went with what we had, it was raw and honest”. Pete had started to manage the band by this point and was also forming his new label Sonic Temple Recordings around the band.

The band were now excited and pushing themselves to be a professional out fit rather than just a local band, They started to get supports with bands like Scurge, Azriel, Mendeed and opened for Bring me the Horizon at their recent Glasgow show. The band released their debut album Darkness Surrounds on the 21st of November to a large and captive audience at the Glasgow cathouse.