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"Enjoy some exotic electro music for the people."

For those that think that Portishead is a bit too much for them, The Three Fates might be more palatable for them. But what The Three Fates do is dish out of deliciously developing electro Goth tinged trip hop. Their debut album ‘Mythos For The Masses’, is dowsed in a coating of myth, exoticness, and progressiveness. Plus it’s not just the album title and the title of tracks such as ‘Adonis & Aphrodite’, ‘Wings of an Arkhe’, and ‘Sacrificing Andromeda’ (some of these Greek and mythic title you’ll have to look up on Wikipedia to find out more). But also the Portland, Oregon, based 3 piece, have an mythic and exotically named lead singer Theophania, on their MySpace is says its pronounced thee-oh-fan-ee’-ah in case you weren’t sure.

Theophania’s sultry voice often tickles the underbelly of a dark Madonna throughout their debut album. Particularly on the country and western tinged hoedown ‘Helios’ which suddenly finds itself diving into a pool of electronics and what sounds like slap bass. Also it wouldn’t be surprising if people are dancing and waving their arms around like manic trees to the wondrous and head swilling ‘Elysian Fields.’ The aforementioned ‘Adonis And Aphrodite’ is an electro version of Super Furry Animals dancing with Moby and The Polyphonic Spree dancing in some neon hued Greek temple, illustrious and luscious. The baritone organ of the sweet ‘The Iron Queen’ is something that Madonna would probably kill to have, the second half of which then turns into a dark bubbling cauldron of electro squelch. Whilst ‘Foolish Boy’, recalls Tori Amos before getting mixed up. ‘The Dionysian Discotheque’ kind of sounds like the title suggests, like we’re in some mythical nightclub in ancient Greece before throwing in some complicated guitar structure for good measure.

Although the album loses it pace and sense of adventure in the last couple of tracks, its still an album which is unlike anything you’ll hear this year and manages to create something new and exciting, and it definitely has a spirit of independence which will definitely intrigue.

So The Three Fates ‘Mythos For The Masses’ is one of the most funnest albums you’ll hear all year despite some of the seriousness of it. Maybe then you can listen to Portishead and get into them a bit more, or understand them more. But more than anything if you’re ready for some dance and electronic bliss it’s an album which is well and truly recommended.

By: Ben Bradford


Mythos for the Masses- LP (Spring 2009)



The Three Fates is a new band from Portland, OR playing an amalgam of genres one might accurately call Mythic Alternative Trip-Hop. Infusing rich vocals, gritty/surfy guitars, and lush, driving electronica with classical Greek mythology, the music sounds at once familiar and new. Elements of Goth/Industrial, Funk, Disco, and Jazz blend surprisingly well to create a uniquely cohesive sound.

The Three Fates is composed, not surprisingly, of three members: Theophania, Forest, and Summer. Theophania, on vocals, combines the sultry smoothness of a cabaret chanteuse with a high, soft quality which makes it feel as if she's singing to you from the heavens. A natural dancer as well, it is difficult to take your eyes off of her when she takes the stage. Forest, on guitar, vocals, and programming, combines his baritone voice satisfyingly with Theo's vocals while extracting complex melodies and rhythms from his hollow bodied guitar. Whether it's a funky slap, or anthemic delays, he is most at home playing his music. Summer is The Fates' most recent addition replacing James on keys. She comes from a long history of loving and playing music.

Their debut album, Mythos for the Masses, is being released to the public Spring of 2009 by the band's own label, Lightning Strikes Records. It stands out from other micro-label recordings for its clear sonic quality, but retains that gratifying indie edge against the multi-million dollar productions of the majors. With can't get it out of your head tracks like Pandora's Gift, Helios, and The Iron Queen among others, The Three Fates are, perhaps not ironically, destined for greatness.