The Three Marys

The Three Marys


The Three Marys - Provincetown's favorite close-harmony singing trio. From the founders of the OUT groups The Flirtations & Destiny. Politics, humor and great voices!


THE THREE MARYS have been wowing Provincetown audiences with their glorious voices, their intricate harmonies, and their unique blend of humor and politics since their first appearance back in 1999. But unless you've traveled to their hometown out at the end of Cape Cod, you've probably never heard of them.
Now, with the release of their debut recording and their plans to begin touring, that's about to change. For instance, they recently opened for Margaret Cho in "Notorious C.H.O." Now that's going to bring them some attention.

It takes some people awhile to get it, but in Provincetown "Mary" is frequently a man's name. In this case the man is Jon Arterton, the founder and musical arranger of the proudly gay a cappella group, THE FLIRTATIONS. For nearly a decade Jon led eleven different incarnations of "The Flirts" around the world, singing in such places as Carnegie Hall and Yankee Stadium, on HBO and Good Morning America, and in the film PHILADELPHIA. The other Marys - Mary Abt and Mary Jo Paranzino - performed for many years in the OUT musical group DESTINY, and have been life-partners since meeting in college twenty-six years ago.


Their DEBUT DISC, The Three Marys, contains an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, and folk music; rousing political anthems; original songs by Paranzino; and even the classical strains of Vivaldi. Recorded at Provincetown's historic Universalist Meeting House with John Thomas at the Steinway, several of the cuts are performed in front of an enthusiastic live audience.

Set List

"Well, alright, okay, you win" -jazz standard
"Mary's a Grand Old Name" - George Cohan with gay twists
"Harriet Tubman"- about The Underground Railroad
"Homophobic Blues" - original by Paranzino dedicated to her brother
"Wallflower"-Peter Gabriel's tribute to political prisoners
"Angel"- Sarah McLaughlan's haunting song
"It's Alright"- original uptune:"two women in love for life- it's alright!"
"What'd I Say?"- Ray Charles' classic
"Provincetown"- Paranzino original
"Try to Remember"- Jon sings from "The Fantasticks"
"Something Inside So Strong"- South African freedom song
"In My Life"- from The Beatles