The Thrives

The Thrives


It's all rockets from the get-go, like sweet engines. Whirlwind and flash. Action and fury. Kemper writhes and squirms. John Bolling's easy cool underscores his melodic lines. Bradley Stackpole is thunderous and adventurous behind the kit.


The Thrives have been family for quite some time. John and Kemper have shared a friendship for 12 years... having met in school. They immediately began writing and playing music together with and without John's nephew, Brad. It wasn't until the fall of 2004 that they decided to pull it together and start something new. With Rick Batley on lead guitars they formed a group called The Flies. After 8 months of gigging and recording a demo, Batley decided to pursue both career and fatherhood. Kemper, John and Brad then were left as a trio... they changed the name to The Thrives... and continued local gigs throughout the Harrisburg, PA area. Jason Rubal of Seventh Wave Studio tracked them down and recorded a 6 song EP entitled: All Rockets in the spring of 2006.

Influences include everything from Radiohead to Sonic Youth, Superdrag to Catherine Wheel, The Who to Pavement.

The Thrives are rythmic and soulful... as well as driving and raw. It is simply rock.


All Rockets EP 2006

Set List

You're Beautiful
Fall Right Down
Limb From Limb
Sheets of Rain
Leaving Behind
The Cannonball
Every Time
She Can't Hide It
I'll Be the One
A Snack for the Angels