The Throwed

The Throwed

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN
BandR&BNew Age

'The Throwed" style is fresh, experimental and bass driven. Let's get THROWED!


Like any other artist when you begin creating there's a want to appeal to the masses and mimic what's mainstream but as you develop your craft you begin to realize that it becomes about finding your voice and unique sound.

Through the years, The Throwed have found their own distinct sound that connects to many. They have grown up loving all genres of music, and because of that, they successfully create something that can resonate and spark strong emotions in the human heart.

From receiving co-signs from Diddy, Lana del Rey, and having an article published through Mark Ecko's Complex magazine about the group, they are gradually making their mark in the music industry.

Get "Throwed"


Love Hurts
Faded/Dirty Lies
Blue Jeans (Cover)
Pumped up Kicks (Cover)
One Night

Ciroc Vodka Promo's 1-3
-Let it go
-Jet Lagged