The Thurstons

The Thurstons


We're a 2-piece indie/pop/rock band. We make music that makes you tap your foot and various other apendages.


The Thurstons are something of a rarity in today's indie music scene; their unqiue lo-fi sound, accomplished by their equally unique two-man lineup, lends to their music an air of simplicity and sincerity. Their simple bass-and-drums arrangement allows for the mood of the songs to be brought about through memorable melodies and intimate harmonies. The Thurstons' sound ranges from fuzzy, melodic indie rock to tuneful folk melodies, all brought about by their dedication to creating a rich sound from a limited array of instruments.


2002 - Chapel Hill EP
2002 - The Danger Involved
2006 - I Have to Live Forever EP

Set List

all original, short songs that are about 3-4 minutes in length. We can play 30 mins to an 1+ hour with a nice amount of banter.

Monday the New Sunday - 3m
People, Places, and Things - 3m
Floor is Fire - 3m
I Must Live Forever - 3m
The Plan - 3m
...and I'm Key - 4m
20:3 - 3m
No Sleep - 3m
Backyard - 3m