The Tibbitts

The Tibbitts


Our music is inspiring, unique and touches the heart strings of all age groups. People who are seeking answers to life's questions, will find their needs met in Jesus Christ. Our music leads them to the place where they can see their need for a relationship with the Lord!


Lila Jane: Has received awards as Outstanding Young Woman from the State of Maine; Outstanding Military Security Wife of the Year and is in the International Book of Poets.
What do these awards amount to? Not much compared with finally coming to realize she needed Jesus in her life. She is now a Missionary, Evangelist and Asst. Pastor.

Frank: is a 20 year Air Force Veteran, who was an alcoholic until the Lord came into his life. He is mild mannered, showing forthe the love of Jesus Christ, and is a Missionary, Evangelist and Pastor.

Frank and Lila Jane Tibbitts have been singing most of their lives, they have seven CD's, and have recently recorded a CD of their original music which is copyrighted. The albun is named, "Songs From the Wellspring."


Come Into My Chamber

Written By: Frank and Lila Jane Tibbitts

Give me all your fears,
Let me wipe your tears,
Come into my chamber, says the Lord.
There is peace within, when you enter in,
Come into my chamber says the Lord.
For I love you, I love you,
There's not a thing that I can't forgive,
So surrender, remember
I gave myself that you might live.


Written By: Frank Tibbitts & Lila Jane Tibbitts

Where are you going? What will you find?
What's in that rat-trap, that you call your mind?
God has a plan for you, Please just hear me through,
Don't run away, run to Jesus today.
Like the prodigal son, you've had your day,
Your money and friends have all gone their way....
Jesus is standing right there
Your sins to the cross He did bear.
Don't run away, run to Jesus today.
There's nowhere to run to,
No peace will you find,
Your life's on the line now
You must make up your mind.
God has a plan for you,
Now, just what will you do?
Don't run away, run to Jesus today!


Written By: Frank Tibbitts and Lila Jane Tibbitts

I love you Lord, I need you Lord, I want you Lord, to be my evrything, each song I sing, to your throne I bring,
All praises to my king, Jesus you are my king.
Verse 1)
Lord may you be the melody and the harmony
Making a symphony, out of my life (2X) (Back to beginning)
Verse 2)
You changed my heart
Renewed each part,
You completed me, and made a symphony out of my life (2X)

I'm Gonna Be Ready

Written By: Frank Tibbitts & Lila Jane Tibbitts

I'm gonna be ready when Jesus comes for me;
I'm gonna be ready, when Jesus face I see.
I'm gonna be ready to rule and reign with Him,
I'm gonna be ready, when Jesus comes again!
You can talk, argue, kick and scream
About when He's comin' for you and me,
It makes no difference at all my friend,
One thing I know, He's comin' again, *Back to Chorus)


"Satisfaction Guaranteed" 1977 Trinity Broadcasting; Radio and TV

"Satisfaction Guaranteed" & "Somebody Cares". Reflecting You" Trinity Broadcasting; BBC 1 & 2. Republic of the Philippines 1978-2007; Radio and TV

"Somebody Cares" Belfast, Northern Ireland; 2000-2005Songs BBC 1 and BBC 2; Canadian Radio and TVBroadcasting

"Lost in These Moments" and ":Somebody Cares" Nigerian Radio and Ghana Radio, Togo Radio West Africa 2001-2003

"Lost In These Moments" WABI 2002-2005
BBC 1 and BBC 2; Canadian Broadcasting, Radio and TV

"Songs From the Wellspring"Titusville, Fl WPIO 2005-6; BBC 1 & 2

Set List

Church Ministry: Usually 4-5 songs of our own for congregations, mixed with preaching.

Concerts we average about 10 yearly internationally

We make our own covers containing 10-12 Songs