The Tibbitts, Frank & Lila Jane

The Tibbitts, Frank & Lila Jane


We have composed varied styles of music, that touches hearts. We just want to share our music and message.


We are husband /wife Christians, involved with missions of all kinds, ministering life in Jesus to the hearts of people through song and preaching. Varied rythyms, just a smattering of "country." We touch the heart-strings!


Jesus Really Cares; Satisfaction Guaranteed;
I'm Gonn Be Ready; Reflecting You; Come Into My Chamber; I Can Do/ More,More, More ; Runaway; Clothed In His Glory; Reign Within My Heart; Stop World; Sticks And Stones; It's Funny Lord; We Are Becoming Overcomers; Jesus Joy; Jesus Changed Me Rearranged Me; Your Way; Symphony; Your Way; Saying Things And Doing Things For Jesus

Set List

Since we minister mostly in churches, we do not do sets, because we also preach. When we have done concerts; we do no more than five songs at a time