The Ticket

The Ticket


The Ticket is a rock and roll band based in Boston, Massachusetts. Although the band draws its influences from rock bands of the 60's and 90's, their ultimate motivation is to present their music in the most fresh and honest way possible.


The Ticket is a multi-national band with a simultaneous respect for their musical heritage and an uncompromising vision for the future. Drawing on influences such as the Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Neil Young and the Beatles, the Ticket creates a sound that is visceral and strikingly original. They formed in the fall of 2005 as a trio comprising Hammarsing on guitars and vocals, Mariana Iranzi on bass, and Fransisco Molina on drums. They spent the winter rehearsing and recording a cache of songs that Hammarsing had written over the past year. In the spring, they added producer David Kaye on guitars and began plotting a busy gigging schedule while continuing recording.


The Ticket (Self-titled)
3 Song Demo
Recorded Spring 2006

Set List

Faces 3:03
Transplant 3:45
The Sweetest Dream 4:21
You Don't Know 3:25
Black Flag Days 3:27
Signals 2:35


Brother, My cup is empty - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
What Goes on - The Velvet Underground
Gotta get the first plane home - The Kinks

60 - 90 minute set with more originals.