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"The Tics: Local Band Going Big Time"

The TICS: Local Band Going Big Time

It was just these four: a singer,guitarist, bassist and drummer, all playing in
unison, yet as separate entities. It's hard to postulate a sound that's an
amalgamation of rock, pop and blues, but looking into their individual backgrounds there was no other possibility. The Tics are a local Kansas City band
composed of Tom White (vocals), Tommy Leonard (guitar), Brian Boyd (bass)and
Nick Chininis (drums) who are beginning to develop a sound that is breaking the
mold of the typical Kansas City band. Without screaming,distortion and head-banging these teenagers are finding musical refuge in melodies that bounce from major to minor and back again, in harmonies that compliment natural lyrics,
and in rhythms that are infectious and unique. The Tics were initially formed inthe basement of Tommy Leonard's house in an effort at the collaboration of two very opposite musicians. Tommy had grown up on
the riffs of Hendrix and StevieRay Vaughn styling his own play after their blues progressions. His guitar ofchoice, a Fender Stratocaster, is a direct reflection of his admiration. Tom White grew up with the local radio station 94.9. His music
is influenced by amyriad of musicians ranging from The Association to Stevie
Wonder. On a cold January night in 2007 The Tics were born.
Nick and Brian both began there musical endeavors in separate bands. Nick played
drums in the band Fairway Holiday while Brian "slappa-de-bass" in Black Oxygen. Nick's drumming is fined tune through years of formal lessons, but influenced by
the jam-band sounds of Dave Matthews Band and the studio drummer Steve Jordan.
Brian was raised on the hard-rock of Led Zeppelin and the slapped, melodic lines of Victor Wooten. Both Nick and Brian moved on from their original bands to join The Tics where musical styles weren't limited to a single perspective.
The Tics have played at several different locations around Kansas City including The Refuge, The Aftershock and The Beaumont Club. On February 5th they take the
stage at The Granada in Lawrence, Kansas playing favorites that have been popularized on their myspace ( To listen follow the link provided at the bottom of the page. The Tics look forward to
playing these local shows, but are currently setting up possibilities to tour nationally, to create a following, to spread their music and to,hopefully, be signed so that their music can influence those around the world. This is what the
future holds for The Tics, so become part of it and check it out.


Contact (email forbooking, EP, tickets and

Next Concert: Friday, February 5th.The Granada. Lawrence, Kansas
- / ITeenKC magazine





Tom White has a pop backround and musical influences John Mayer and Thicke. Brian Boyd was originally tutored in the theories of Liszt and Chopin, but now exclusively adores The Beatles. Tommy Leonard's influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Beatles. Nick Chininis, coming from a jazzy backround, enjoys the works of Steve Jordan and Carter Beauford in John Mayer Trio and the Dave Matthews Band.