The Tide

The Tide

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The Tide consists of three members that originates from the South Jersey shore. Our music has strong roots in country rock with country blues and rock influences.


The Tide is a group of three musicians who have known each other for many years. On the rare occasions that they have recorded music together, they realized that there was magic between them. Because of differing directions and prior music commitments, they have never played in the same band together, nor have they released any recorded music.

After being geographically separated for a long time, the three have reunited on the southern coast of New Jersey. That the three musicians would be drawn to live in the same place after many years and many directions could not be coincidental.

After much discussion and contemplation, we have decided to embark on a recording project. It is our belief that the time is right and that there is an audience for our music. Our songs are a labor of love, born in the South Jersey sea breeze, and we want to share them with the listener. Our influences and style are rooted deep in early 70's California rock; Jackson Browne, Jayhawks, Eagles, etc.


"Reason To Carry On" is our current and only release which should be available on CDbaby,,,,,, and CDNOW on 1/1/2006. It will also be available for digital download.

Set List

We do no cover material. We are currently playing songs from our CD at clubs in the southern New Jersey shore region in conjunction with local club bands that allow us to showcase our music. This ranges from a couple of songs to our entire CD depending on the venue. We hope to expand our region and start opening shows for bigger acts in the summer of 2006.