The Tide

The Tide


"If Coldplay is the new U2, then The Tide is the new Coldplay" - HM Magazine


To any art there is a craft that must be molded, and perfected. In the case of The Tide, it’s more or less a desire to craft responses out of over saturated listeners. So how do you bring new life and character to an already mundane and apathetic music culture? Enveloping powerful and embracive sounds, with bare to the bone, “truth be told” lyrics, The Tide has set its sights on nothing less. For the past three years this five-piece West Michigan based outfit has been developing beautiful, “off the cuff” songs hitting home and turning heads from the start. The band’s prowess between each member makes itself incredibly obvious as you listen in on the stories told through their 2005 debut EP, “In Need of Rest”. That continuity and evolution continues even more so on their latest 2006 release of “Oh My God, I’m Not Free.” Sharing stages across the country with the likes Love Drug, Sleeping At Last, Copeland, and The Appleseed Cast there is something brewing just beneath the surface. When you have an understanding of a mutual need for one another, the audience is receptive in a way we don’t normally see. Call it being vulnerable if you wish, but The Tide has an unwavering commitment to bearing its soul as part of its craft. There’s something completely comforting and peaceful spilling over from The Tide, that delivers a message of grace and hope and convicts many listener’s hearts. As the 07 Spring/Summer tour season moves into full swing expect to see much more of this great band from the North….


"Oh My God, I'm Not Free" LP - 2006 release
"In Need of Rest" EP - 2005 release

both have tracks circulating on pop-casts, radio shows, and internet streaming sites...

Set List

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