The Tilt Room

The Tilt Room

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

A band that loves learning about their instruments and continually perfecting their craft. Mixing together two widely varying genre's, progressive metal and acoustic folk, The Tilt Room is on a mission to let their music push the industry into a new realm of individuality.


The Tilt Room started as a young, punk group back in 2002 as BACCHUS with Mike Swindell on guitar/vocals and Matt Dacierno on bass. They played their first show at Metropol in Pittsburgh, PA. It was shortly after their first 4-song EP release in 2004 which went untitled that Ryan, their drummer, left the band.
There was no down time even without a drummer as Mike and Matt continued writing and developing their music diversity and style, eventually adding acoustic music to their repertoire. In 2006 they found a great drummer in Austin, playing consistently across Pittsburgh for 2 years, releasing their 2nd 4-Track EP, The Tilt Room, in 2007. Early 2007 Austin left the band for personal reasons and Matt and Mike again continued on writing new material , and playing shows on and off until they met Jake Jartin in 2008, also changing the band name from BACCHUS to The Tilt Room. In 2009 Mike and Matt released a 12 track set of acoustic songs, titled Confront Your World.
With a background in music and jazz drumming, Jake offered Matt and Mike the opportunity to fully utilize all of their ideas. Playing at venues from Ohio and Pennsylvania, The Tilt Room released their third demo, a 7-track entitled Achilles High Heels, in January of 2011 after which Jake left the group to aspire in other professional fields, but The Tilt Room continued writing and are finishing up their 1st full-length, a 16-track Acoustic album with the same title as their last acoustic album, Confront Your World.
Also in 2011 The Tilt Room signed on with longtime friend and manager, Paul Abbott and his record label, Punchsylvania Records based here in Pittsburgh.


Released as Bacchus (2002-2009)
-Bacchus EP (2003)
-Live at Logan's Pub (2005)
-The Tilt Room EP (2007)

Released as The Tilt Room (2010-Present)
-Achilles High Heels (2011, electric, in process of release digitally, primarily used for physical press kits, 7 tracks)
-Confront Your World (2011, being released in September digitally and physically with small international distribution, 16 tracks)

-My Ticket Outta Here - Confront Your World

Set List

Electric Set
-Radical Revolution
-Lucid Dream
-Subtle Refrain
-Achilles High Heels
-Debaucherous Consumers
-The Tilt Room
45 minutes to one hour of original material, plus up to four more songs. Average electric song length: 5:20 minutes.

Acoustic Set
-My Ticket Outta Here
-I'm John Wayne
-Go Find Yourself
-Confront Your World
-Life's Just a Reflection Of Our Soul
-The Spaces Inbetween
-Fragile Facade
-Inevitable Irony
-Restless Closure
-Stuck On Change
-Time of Day
Plus up to 10 more songs, well over an hour's worth of material.