The Tinglerz

The Tinglerz


Rockin 3 piece, 60's garage rock, some surf, some blues, some punk - all ass kickin' played from the heart!


The Tinglerz were formed quite by chance in Las Vegas, in the Spring of 2008. The Pervz was the brainchild of drummer Joe from Chicago and guitarist/vocalist Kei. Kei eventually departed to front Jupiter Shifter and the Pervz went on to change lineups and achieve a solid degree of success, including being voted Best Local Rock
Band for two consecutive years and getting the cover of the Las Vegas Weekly.

Joe Perv reunited by accident from an online ad with Kei and created The Tinglerz. They had one other bass player that they parted ways with & luckily stumbled upon newly relocated Eric, who joined in September.

Ladies & Gentlemen – Are you ready to Tingle?!

Set List

35-40 minutes