The Tint

The Tint


The Tint's high-energy barrage of organ-fueled rock & roll is catchy and cerebral, but has the visceral punch of authentic divebar punk.


The Tint’s debut album “Captain” packs a high-energy barrage of straight-up rock & roll that will snap off the grillcloth of your stereo speakers! The Tint take a unique approach to the rock/punk/pop blend popularized by Weezer, The Strokes, and Hot Hot Heat – with lush keyboard hooks countering a hyperactive lyrical wit.

The Tint are led by Vocalist/ Guitarist/ Songwriter Evan Evans’ urgent lyrics and cuts-right-through-the-mix delivery. Evans’ dynamic presence spars with the analog tones of Sean Will’s inspired keyboard playing, Sean Greene’s tightly-wrapped percussion, and Mike Geher’s driving basslines.

The Tint formed in 2001, and have been honing their sound on the New England club circuit.


Nov. 2002 - The Tint "Captain" LP [PVR VOLT002]

June 2003 - "Your New Favorite CD Summer 2003" [PVR VOLT005]

Fall 2003 - The Tint "The Eleventh Hour" EP [PVR]