The Toasted Western Swing Band

The Toasted Western Swing Band


The music in our show is the sounds of New Orleans meeting the sounds of Nashville. The act nominated for 3 awards at the Niagara Music awards In 2008 and we received an award for "Best Country Music Recording" in 2008. The show is billed as "A Fabulous Tribute to the Legends of Texas Swing Music.


Toasted Western Swing Band - Fast Facts


The Toasted Western Swing Band is a Texas Swing band based out of Niagara Falls Ontario Canada. The band members consist of eight of Canada’s Top musicians. Our goal is to bring to our audiences a very unique style of music known as “Western Swing” (originally created in the thirties by Composer/musician Bob Wills from Texas and referred to as Texas Swing). At the outset the band was formed as a way for its members to have fun playing music that meant something to them, and to engage a creative outlet to express themselves musically. As such, the Toasted Western Swing Band made its first public performance at the Best Western Cairn Croft Hotel in Niagara Falls Canada on June 14, 2007, and they were held over for 47 straight weeks! The band performs on a regular basis at the Fort Erie Race Track/Casino in Fort Erie Ontario.
This fabulous tribute to the legends of Texas Swing Music consists of independent Nashville recording artist Steve Fortin (lead and backup vocals, electric and acoustic guitar), three-time Grammy Award and winner& 21-time nominee Walter Ostanek (accordion) and Grammy Award Winning participant Steve Kostyk (electric guitar, lead and backup vocals), one of Canada’s foremost journeyman steel guitar players, P.Albert Fortney (who has performed with many top artists), journeyman bassist Bill Cooper (until now Canada’s best kept secret in the music community), Mike McDowell on drums, lead and backup vocals, (formerly of Rick Rose Band, Oksana, and MacRaeh), and Stan Drobnich on accordion (formerly of “One Night Stan” and “The big squeeze”). The Toasted Western Swing Band’s All-Star lineup is augmented by the vocal and fiddle styles of Winston James, an icon in Country Music in Canada.
The Toasted Western Swing Band is an ideal choice for Theater appearances, dinner shows, festivals, corporate events and clubs. Regardless of where they perform, they delight in the opportunity to share with the audience and fans this uniquely appealing style of music known as “Western Swing”. The Toasted Western Swing Band anticipates releasing their first album in February of 2009.

Toasted Western Swing Band
“Fabulous Tribute to the Legends of Texas Swing”


Steve Kostyk
6529 Orchard Ave.
Niagara Falls Ontario
PH: 905-356-2747 or 289-241-9795

Band Biography

Steve Fortin

Steve Fortin is a native of Welland, Ontario. As a young boy his talent was discovered by Ronnie Prophet, and he was invited to tour with Ronnie along with Marie Bottrell at the young age of fourteen. Today, Steve is an independent Nashville recording artist; he also has made appearances with Lynn Dee and Emmit Jarvis. In addition, Steve has appeared with the “Time Jumpers”, a Nashville Tennessee super group that includes the very elite musical talent that Nashville has to offer, its members include Vince Gill, and a cast of supporting musicians who work regularly with Jeannie Sealy, Jimmy C. Newman, and Riders in the Sky. The members of the “Time Jumpers” are also the most “in demand” recording session musicians in Nashville today

Walter Ostanek

Walter Ostanek, (born April 20, 1935), is a well-known accordionist from St. Catharines, Ontario where his family settled as a boy. Young Walter received his first accordion as a gift in 1944. After several years, Ostanek became a popular entertainer in Southern Ontario. Performing Cleveland-Style Polkas and Waltzes. He could be heard frequently on the radio in St. Catharines and Welland. In 1963, Ostanek and his band, Walter Ostanek Band, would record their first of many albums. Over his career, Ostanek would become known as Canada's Polka King. He has received three Grammy Awards and he has been nominated thirteen times. His style has been compared to America's Polka King, Frankie Yankovic of Cleveland. As was the late Yankovic, Walter Ostanek is of Slovenian decent. Ostanek hosted his own television shows (one for fourteen consecutive years), radio shows, and polka tours. He has appeared on the The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Phil Donahue, Tommy Hunter Show, Cleveland's Polka Varieties, and his own award-winning TV specials and telethons. He has appeared in concert with Roy Clark, the Oakridge Boys, Ronnie Milsap, Ray Price, Mel Tillis, Brenda Lee, Slim Whitman, Tom T. Hall, T. G. Shepard, Tommy Hunter, Lawrence Welk, Myron Floren, Frank Yankovic, Oasis, Sam Roberts, Big Sugar and Kim Mitchell. Walter Ostanek is a member of Canada's Walk of Fame as well as the Polka Halls of Fame in Cleveland and Chicago. Currently Ostanek does two main concert sets each year: one at Marineland in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the other during Oktoberfest in Kitchener, Ontario. He is also the subject of the 2006 Bravo! network documentar


sweet memories

Written By: micky newberry

My world is like a river, as dark as it is deep;
Night after night the past slips in and gathers all my sleep.
My days are just an endless stream of emptiness to me,
Filled only by the fleeting moments of her memory.
Sweet memories, sweet memories-
She slipped into the silence of my dreams again last night;
Wandering from room to room, she's turning on each light.
Her laughter spills like water from the river to the sea,
And I'm swept away from sadness, clinging to her memory.
Sweet memories, sweet memories-
Sweet memories, sweet memories-


The Toasted Western Swing Bands first CD is currently completed and will be released on June 15, 2009. The new CD release, entitled "Roots 66" will feature red hot country artist Angela Siracusa as a guest, and a Canadian promotional tour to follow May 2009 through Feb 2010, along with Miss Siracusa. Check out Angela at

Set List

Toasted Western Swing Band’s Current Playlist
1] Leaving and Saying Goodbye - Jeannie Seely
2] Write Myself a Letter - Fred Ahlert and Joe Young
3] San Antonio Rose - Bob Wills
4] Sweet Memories - Ray Price
5] Route 66 - Bobby Troup
6] My Confession - Bob Wills
7] Night Life - Willie Nelson
8] Don’t Come Crying to me - Vince Gill and Reed Neilsen
9] Navaho Trail - Willie Nelson
10] Crazy Arms - Ray Price, Ray Charles
11] Please Don’t Talk about me when I’m gone - Willie Nelson
12] My Window Faces the South - Bob Wills
13] Roly Poly - Bob Wills
14] Honeysuckle Rose - Fats Wahler
15] South of the Border - Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra
16] All of me - Willie Nelson
17] Heart of a Clown - Willie Nelson
18] Its All Your Fault - Cindy Walker
19] Sugar Moon - Cindy Walker and Bob Wills
20] Bubbles in My Beer - Bob Wills
21] Go High upon the Mountain - Vince Gill
22] Columbus Stockade Blues - Bill Monroe
23] Bring it on Down to My House - Bob Wills
24] Bonaparts Retreat