The Todd Staples Project

The Todd Staples Project


Kick ass Guitar oriented Hard Rock Band


The Todd Staples Project , otherwise known as TSP is a Hard Rock/ Metal band that hails from Tempe AZ. TSP's musical heratige is as varied as the members that encompass the band. Metal, Pop, Thrash, Southern and Rock are all words that have been used to describe TSP and none of these are incorrect. because of this, along with a Entertaining stage show, keeps TSP at the top of the Phoenix Music scene.


The Todd Staples Project- Beyond forever- late Summer 2005

Set List

The Typical set will run from 40-50 minutes with a cover or 2 thrown in for good measure

Shatter my Bones- Original
Deuce- Cover
Hells Gate- Original
Kickin Myself in the Teeth- Original
In the Mirror- Original
Pain filled Silence- Original
Self Inflicted- Original
One by One- Original
On the Hunt- Cover