The Tokey Tones

The Tokey Tones


Described by one reviewer as a"deep pool of Hawaiian guitars, tinkering xylophones and music boxes, burbling synths, strings, piano, brass, warm syrupy electric guitars and free-floating harmonies", with the "melodic confidence of classic '60s pop and the breeziness of tropicalia".


The Tokey Tones begun life as a recording project by Auckland, New Zealand, based songwriter Scott Mannion. Under the title "Plasticene Recording Projects" he has planned a number of concept albums. The first project was The Tokey Tones "Caterpillar" & "Butterfly" double album project.

While these albums were released in 2003, Mannion has kept himself busy in the interim as co-owner of Auckland's Lil' Chief Records (his business partner being Jonathan Bree of The Brunettes), having released 15 albums since by some of New Zealand's best groups.

Mannion is currently working on an album called "A Cappella & Accompanied", which as the name suggests is a mix of a cappella songs and pop songs, and a disco inspired record with Annabel Alpers of Bachelorette, due to be released in 2007. Other projects in the works are another double album project consisting of an entirely electronic record and an entirely orchestral record, and a Hawaiian / Calypso record collaboration with label mates The Nudie Suits.


Now We Are Three!!! (compilation)