The Tokin Blues Band

The Tokin Blues Band

 Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA

The Tokin Blues Band's music is like a painting that melts off the canvas as musical notes. It flows to collect in the hollow musical spaces of your mind to make you think, remember and feel alive. It removes barriers between genres bringing an unforgettable, unique and eclectic musical adventure.


Formed in 1999, this three piece band has a hard driving sound with hints of blues, rock, jazz and an essence of country thrown in. It's a mixture of new and old, hard and soft. Their music appeals to a wide audience because there is a little something in it for everyone. Ripping as well as melodic leads, well written, hard hitting and at times heart wrenching lyrics make the band’s music absolutely unforgettable.

The band has a wide range of influences from varying genres of music: Hank Williams Sr., Eric Clapton, Santana, Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly, Tinsley Ellis, Albert Cummings, Bonnie Raitt and the list goes on.

The Tokin Blues Band firmly believes in giving back and supports several philanthropic foundations. One of the founding members has helped found a charity called Brent’s Barn that helps victims of hate crimes. One dollar from every CD sold will be donated to Brent’s Barn.

In addition to this, all the proceeds from the song “Alert” will be donated to a children’s charity chosen by our fans. If you'd like to add a charity for consideration, just fill out the contact form with the name of the charity at

The Tokin Blues Band members are: James Avery (Rhythm, Lead Guitar, Vocals), Joe Bryant (Percussion, Vocals), and Frenchie McMillin (Bass Guitar, Vocals).


2011 LP Battles of Life