The Tollywood Allstars

The Tollywood Allstars


The Tollywood Allstars, combining influences from Colombia, Cuba, and India, as well as elements of western classical and jazz, have crafted a totally unique sound filled with exotic rhythms, contemporary melodies, and a contagiously high energy stage performance.


It all began in Kolkata India, where we all happen to be studying and learning about Indian music individually. We started out by sitting around listening to each other play. A sort show and tell, we would perform for each other, play records of master musicians for each other and eventually started jamming. These "jams" turned into compositions. Where ever there was a challenge, there was a tune to match. The group became a means improve at our instruments by learning the nuances of each other's styles. By composing and collaborating, integrating the specialties of each musician, we developed our unique sound.

By June 2007 we all, one by one, had returned to NYC. In July we booked our first gig, and have been developing and performing since. Continually developing our sound by diving deeper into each other's music.

We met in an area of Kolkata known as Tollygauge where the local flim industry, "Tollywood" thrives. Our name pays homage to our bands home there.


We have a self titled EP.

Set List

We perform all original material and maybe one or two traditional songs from Colombia and or Cuba with a very original arrangement. Our typical set is 1.5 hours. Our set lists are not fixed but we usually like to start with a band and end with a bang. In that 1.5 hours we'll do around 9 or 10 tunes. A sample list reads:

La Melonga
Quando Se Me De La Gana
Funk in 3
La Buena Aventura
Blink No See
Cuban Jam
Pa Macondo Me Voy
Little Birds