bon Swing!

bon Swing!

 Arcata, California, USA

Acoustic jazz and swing. Bossas,boleros,jazz standards, and waltzs. We are very estute and passionate about music. We love to swing and play interestingly from a repitoir of wonderful and exciting music.


I have been studying jazz guitar for 15 years now. In the past 5-6 years I have studied with some of the best guitarists alive today. My main influence is the great Django Reinhardt as well as others such as Fapy Lafertin, Stochelo Rosenberg, and Bireli Lagrene. We play french acoustic jazz guitars for a very rich, warm tone when combined with upright bass sounds full and large. We live in northern california and we all teach music to various students as well as gig nearly every day.


I have played on the local radio stations a few times and they continue to play it over the air frequently. I have several demo's available and have finished recording my first album.

Set List

Our set list is catered to the audience. I have many originals and we will frequently play There Will Never Be Another You, Star Eyes, J'attendria, Them There Eyes, Minor Swing I'll See You In My Dreams and literally 100's more jazz standards, latin, european, and especially french songs.