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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Billboard Critics Top 10 of 2008"

In December 2008 legendary rock critic Chuck Eddy (Creem, Village Voice, Billboard) named 'The Tonic Rays' in his Top 10 Albums of 2008. - Billboard

"Rhapsody Critics Top 50 Albums of 2008"

Chuck Eddy ranked The Tonic Rays #6 in his top 50. - Rhapsody

"THE TONIC RAYS: The Tonic Rays"

In which musicians from the U.S., U.K., and Japan reinvent a rustic, sitar-spiced, and surprisingly catchy species of psychedelic folk-rock that Jefferson Airplane or the Shocking Blue might recognize, in the northern mountains of bassist Chakkapan Wattanapan's native nation Thailand. After opening with one of their most furious stomps, the cross-cultural combo proceed to lay back and make things sound easy. Though Marie Dance claims she's too lazy to love you but too lazy to break your heart, making your jangle this funky while keeping it spooky and gorgeous takes hard work--whether we see you sweat or not.

- Blurt

"Local Band Pulls Out the Stops"

Chiang Mai has long been one of the best places to watch live rock in Thailand, but original offerings are generally thin on the ground. Finally, there's something to write home about. The Tonic Rays, a local true-to-roots band has generated quite the following and an impressive original repertoire. Though it's hard to capture singer/guitarist Marie Dance s engaging enthusiasm on disk, not to mention veteran guitarist Joe Cummings cool laid-back swagger, their first and eponymous CD should please anyone with a yen towards edgy old-school yowling. Cumming's 'Too Lazy to Break Your Heart'--a sly, swinging rocker, and Dance's 'Sleep'--an infectious bouncing lullaby. are two of the standouts on this tangy, twangy ten-song compilation. - Bangkok 101 magazine


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Marie Dance does most of the singing, plays rhythm (and occasional lead) guitar and co-writes the T-Rays' chart-toppin' hits. Very brave, yet also sensitive, an intriguing combination of rough and delicate, naughty and angelic. Joe Cummings plays lead guitar, sings harmonies and occasional lead, and also writes songs for the band. Sun Ray, the bassist is a tall, shy Thai hippie with torn jeans who, when you finally get to know him (and it takes a long time, even if you speak Thai), will surprise you with his intelligence and his detailed knowledge of classic rock history. Drummer Mark Iwamoto hails from Tokyo but has spent a lot of time in the USA and now Thailand. Grounded in rock, but with interests in Latin and African percussion, he was an early regular at the Mt Fuji Rock Festival. The Tonic Rays' major inspiration is the new rock renaissance, that is, doing what you can with two guitars, bass and drums. Our diverse nfluences include Kings of Leon, Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac, White Stripes, Black Keys, Traffic, Jimi Hendrix, Dusty Springfield, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Shocking Blue.