The Tonight Life

The Tonight Life

 Saddle Brook, New Jersey, USA

We are a pop/rock band with all of the passion in the world. We love what we do and try to express that through every single song. We enjoy experimenting with a variety of styles, because in music the possibilities are endless and we want to use that to our advantage.


We are four musicians from New Jersey with one common goal: to share our passion for music with anyone who is willing to listen. Whether it's rock, pop, acoustic or the blues... we love to write, record and perform music and will continue to do so with everything we have in us.


Catching Fire

Written By: Joe Crawford

Today is the day that I leave this all behind and walk away. And I won't feel ashamed if I make mistakes along way. I won't take the blame. "Cause I can feel us catching fire and I've been waiting my whole life to finally watch this fire burn. I can feel us catching fire and we have got to keep this flame alive. Now I'm on my way and I'll follow this road wherever it takes me. And I won't break if the weight of the world comes down on me. I won't feel no pain. So let me breath it in, the smoke that's been covering these walls from floor to ceiling. It's the only way I could survive. The flames are closing in. This fire that's burning up inside of me is the reason I feel so alive.


The Tonight Life EP - 2008 (Emerald Moon Records)
Carry Me On LP - 2012 (Emerald Moon Records)