The Tonights

The Tonights


The Tonights' sound walks a knife-edge between strident, hooky guitar riffs and atmospheric, piano-led shadows, the two extremes bridged with aplomb by the sultry, melodic vocals of frontwoman/pianist/bassist Eva Fritz.


When musical husband and wife team Eva and Christian, discovered the same magical synergy with Eva's brother Henry, they knew they had conceived the perfect hybrid of female energy with classicist attention to songwriting and instrumentation. Within a year they had created an eclectic and unique album that drafted Eva's songwriting about love and it's attendant feelings; loss, confusion, joy, and cynicism, into a roadtrip of piano-driven ballads, fem-powered pop and hypnotic melancholia. Enlisting a variety of talented musicians to perform on the album, they were able to capture the essence of Christian's production vision, delivering a record that mixes the sounds of urban efficiency with a warm pastoral outlook. Fuelled by the honesty and depth of Eva's lyrics and often dream-like voice, as a live act The Tonights magnetize in a force filed of creative and emotional energy, standing audiences to attention..... -Sputniks in Space, twinkle twinkle Supernova Star- 70s Vampire Babes, she has my neck and I love it - of course, always....The Tonights.


The Tonights: The Tonights
Debut album released through Sun & Air and distributed nationally in Australia through MGM, November 14, 2005.
Album of the Week: 8CCCFM 102.2FM (November 21 - 25, 2005)
Album of the Week: 2CCCFM (November 12 - 20, 2005)
"... A lavish and romantic concoction of vivid musicality..." 4.5/5 (Time Off Magazine)
"... An extremely promising debut... containing moments of true majesty." (Scene Magazine)

Set List

By Myself
Imaginary Boy
Glass Apple
Big Sky
Total Control
Love Bite on my Ankle
Circus Minding
Tip Toes
Honey Child
Red Velvet Goat