The Took

The Took


A seamless mixture of rock, blues, funk, jazz, and many other styles. The music generates an irresistible urge to dance to catchy rhythms and sing along to memorable lyrics. Crowds have described The Took's shows using words like "bliss", "elation", "nirvana", "and "one hell-of-a-good time!".


The members of The Took met while attending Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland. The bassman, Ian Trusheim from Newark, DE., graduated in 2007 with a Bachelors in Music. The Fairfield, CT. Axe Chopper Trevor Williams graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors major in Philosophy and minor in Music. They both teach music. Recovering Baltimorean and rhythm guitarist, Brooks Long, graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors in English and Music History. Jake Deal, the tasty timekeeper from Clarksville, MD, is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies. All the members sing and write music.

The band members have been highly involved in college music life, playing in official ensembles like the college Jazz Combo, the Afro-Cuban Ensemble, and the Concert Band. The band members have also ventured into more independent projects, performing in such bands as Chester River Runoff, Seismic Sanchez, Sacred Soul, Slime Gilben and the Primordial Goo, Da Earf, Pearl Creek, and others. In 2005, the band came together under the name "The Big Picture", and quickly gained notoriety on Maryland's Eastern Shore, winning a local battle of the bands competition two years in a row and being named "Washington College's Pride" on the college's official website.

The band has since broken into the Baltimore music scene, performing to packed houses at Fletcher's and The Recher Theater. They continue to have a strong presence on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, routinely playing gigs at Washington College, Andy's, The Prince Theatre, Fountain Park and Wilmur Park, and The East End Cafe.

An article in Washington College's newspaper, The Collegian, described the band's shows as "a frantic mixture of loud and crazy blues/jazz/funk stomp jams, slow acoustic ballads, jazz numbers, and anything else that may come up." Another article from written about the band's first performance at Fletcher's was flattering in a befuddling kid of way: "...each car on this (dare I say it?) crazy train, positively blazed and crackled, the vocals conjuring a Pentecostal revival, alternately thundering and pleading, white the bass and guitar erupted, a Viking long ship's drum beat by two bodhisattvas, moving the crowd relentlessly towards a Nirvana that everyone else felt was close enough to touch."

In Summer of 2008, the band played their biggest show to date, opening up for 90's chart-toppers Jimmies Chicken Shack at the Chipapalooza Charity Concert for diabetes. Later that summer, the band recorded a three-song demo featuring favorites: "Sonic Teenager", "The Way Out", and "Two Birds". In the winter of 2008, the band will release their first EP, recorded and mastered at Mobtown Studios in Baltimore, MD. They also plan to hit the road for a summer tour of the east coast.

The band hopes to build on the momentum they have generated thus far and make some serious waves in the music industry.


The Took EP
Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie
Crazy For You Part II
Sonic Teenager
I Would Funk The Soul Out Of You
Space Cadet

The Shunk Sessions (3-song demo)
-Sonic Teenager
-The Way Out
-Two Birds

Live At the Prince Theatre
-Don't Want to Smile
-Sarah Lee
-Martian Lullaby
-Mystery Dance
-Funky Baby
-Game of Love
-The Way Out
-People Tell Me I Have to do Something, But I Won't, I Don't Want To, I Don't Have To
-You Ain't Foolin' No One

Set List

30min - 2 hours.

30+ original songs

Covers available upon request