The Tools

The Tools


The Tools, a group of two girls, are a band with moving lyrics, unforgettable melodies, strong harmonies, and a love for performing. With a mix of pop/rock music, Meagan and Becky hope to blow people away while still doing what they love.


Meagan and Becky are two best friends who share a passion for music. Becky, 19, does lead vocals and plays piano/keyboard, and Meagan, 16, does backing vocals and plays guitar, drums, and tambourine. They've been performing their whole lives and are so excited for everyone to hear what they've got to say. With unique lyrics and strong melodies, they are sure to blow you away (or at least they hope they will!)

One might wonder how Meagan and Becky got their name. When they first met at a show for their friends, the Jonas Brothers, they realized that they were exactly what their name says. They were tools. They gave themselves nicknames, Screwdriver (Meagan) and Hammer (Becky), and included some of their other friends, as well as the Jonas Brothers, in this "nonsense" that has now become an actual band with 2 of the 7 tools. Meagan and Becky are so excited to be sharing this experience together!