The Top Kats

The Top Kats

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Top Kats is a seasoned band of Rock n Roll veterans who know how to pump out the energy in a three piece power trio format. We write songs and we make the songs we cover sound like our own. We get the audience up, involved and dancing to our music. That's the Rock n Roll experience we crave!


CARLETON PIKE-- drums and vocals... "The slowest para-diddle in the western hemisphere," Carleton attended Berklee School of Music and began his musical career in Boston where he played for many years opening for bands like The Birds, Roy Orbison, Taj Mahal and Pousette-Dart. He's worked with artists like Jeanne French, Tina Welch, Patty Larkin and John Curtis. Carleton's solid timing is the anchor for The Top Kats dance beat. MIKE HAMM - guitar...Since a move to Texas in the 1970's from his hometown of Santa Barbara, California, Mike has become a fixture in the Austin music scene where he has appeared on stage with legendary musicians like Joe Ely and Eric Johnson. Mike's unique mastery of the Fender guitar leaves nothing missing in this musical trio. Mike is not a "diamond in the rough,” he's a diamond set in solid gold. RUSTY KEITH - bass, lead vocals and harmonies…Rusty was born in San Antonio but started his musical career in Austin. He has appeared on stage with music legends Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson as well as recording some of his original songs with Rolling Stones sax man Bobby Keys. Combining Rusty's strong vocals with Carleton's solid beat and Mike's guitar perfection enables the band to slide seamlessly from rock-a-billy and country to blues and R&B to create music that appeals to all ages.


The Hardest Game We Play

Written By: Rusty Keith

I was thinking just the other day
about this crazy life and how it got that way
stranded and helpless here so far away from home

Now should we roll the dice and take a chance
on luck to save us from this desperate circumstance
of fate or wait to cross this wide expanse alone.

So if the flowers disappear in the after-glow
and if the sun no longer shines, we don't want to know
for no matter what you say, we'll just turn and walk away….
cause truth is the hardest game to play

Some people walk around with blinders on
they just can't believe that something might be wrong
but in time they'll know they knew it all along
If not by purpose then by accident, like silly puppet in a great big circus tent
we'll blow these fearful little minds that we rent to own.