A mix of Acoustic and Electric rock songs fast and slow, short and simple preformed and presented by four people with diversed influences, interests and talents making each song unique to them selves.


Did I hear someone whisper why "The Torpids"?. There are people who are lazy or who just like to sleep a lot. Im sure many can relate to this. If you can your a torpid. Some members of this band are very familiar to torpidility :). Not mentioning any names.

Jacinta had a present to record a song in a studio and I(Gary) wrote a riff that inspired me on wet and windy Irish day. We combined her present and my riff and recorded a demo of Tornadoes run. Since then we have been popping songs out of every corner of our musical and lyrical brains and Im sure one day you the reader will be able to share these songs with us.


No releases of yet but first demo finished. Our demo consists of three songs which have been uploaded onto to our epk.

Set List

We usually 30 - 45 minute setlists. Consisting mainly of our own material with a few covers thrown in such as John Lennons - Working Class Hero, Oasis - Wonderwall, Undertones - Teenage Kicks and White Stripes - Hardest Button to Button

Each week before a gig we mix and match covers and originals to make each set individual.

This is example of our most recent gig.

New Horizons
In the Gutter
Move on
Teenage Kicks
Rushing By
Hardest Button to Button
Working Class Hero
Torndaoes Run