the touched

the touched


People are always looking for the next big generally isn't jumping up and down screaming look at's playing...Great music comes from everywhere at once and from just one place..the heart..Music like this does not leave the cd player for a long long time.


all the universe is wave.
each moment a heartbeat.
we have come to free.



Written By: b

crushing headlights
chewing on pavement
intimate spaces (sack yr bedroom)
beautiful teeth become dust
blow wind blow
neighbor neighbor
never leave but youll be back


Written By: b

my heart holds my knees steady (strong)
when they should crumble to dust
my (hands) bones can stop metal
because they must
my heart makes a light through these nights that wont end
my heart was forged by others so i will see them all again
my throat holds the sounds
born before time
my throat holds a silence
this silence is mine

independence day

Written By: b

everyone has an independence day
cut off yr head
yr heart will take the lead
look around you
confetti eyes
parade smiles
everyone has an independence day
you are not alone
but you can be
wake up
shake it up
the force will explode every wall youve ever known
and the silence will be a stone in a well
sweet heart
every heart has an independence day
i see the crowd gathering for yours
soon you will be able to see every heart thru the skin
the rabbit exploding across yr path
it's a circus that lets the animals go
a circus without the chains
come join the party
barefoot dancing
under neath that rock is yr answer////
but you dont have to pick it up
to know

the moth

Written By: b

i know why
the moth does try
every night
to lay with the light

i don't know why
you work all yr life
i just isn't right
no end in sight

they'd fly to space if they could
lay the stars they surely would
they're working on it right now
they're gonna make it somehow

it's flowers to them
brighter than gems
and warm to the touch
it's all too much

i know why
the moth does try
every night
to lay with the light
it's flowers to them
brighter than gems
and warm to the touch
it's all too much
enough is enough


Written By: b

i put my heart in the right place
so it don' t matter wher e
i go.....
i put mmy heart in ++ the right
so it don ' t mat t er where i go.....

allthese words canfallaside starswillshineand plantswill grow
takemy hand, my true love
(take myhand axnd we will go) xx
i've x made a place it's everywhre ... take a breathand goreal slow


Written By: t

all the universe is waves
in a note
to remember
we must be silent
silence is the source
all songs live within it.


Written By: t

you remind me of newborn skin

wings broken,
yet still floating
trees rooted
long before the city breathed

the revolution of the sun

we dream of the one
the world to come from the fall
we scream for the all
it speaks to us in the first language
the eternal song

if we listen, the stars still sing

we dream to you
here in the fire til end
we ask forgiving
while demanding our birthright

we have come to kill the cage

give up hope
let your hands go wild
walk 10,000 miles
teach a baby a fearless smile
from those newborn eyes
learn how to love again
grow corn
grow anything at all
destroy master and slave
take a fucking holiday
rescue the light
give it back to its lover, the night
remember the sun and the sea
remember holy

hold the sorrow.worship the soul.
take a
war the pain.fight the terrifying.
free the everything

thanks to the everything.


the darkness
(25 minute one song ep)
copyright 2006 black hand world music

we will win because we cannot lose
(50 minute 10 song lp)
copyright 2002-2007 black hand world music

Set List

between 35 and 40 minutes
we are developing a covers album at the present time
including (among others): the great beyond by rem,
ballad of a thin man by bob dylan,
and c'mon billy by pj harvey