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The Touchers

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The best kept secret in music


"It’s messy and indulging, good for a wild dance and worth sinking your teeth into."

The Touchers
Pretty Baby

Catchy pop hooks tend to be most intriguing when they’re battered and unkempt. Keeping in line with that strategy, The Touchers manage to snare your attention with heart-wrenching melodies despite—and because of—their belligerent demeanor and sometimes neurotic delivery of shiny garage-punk rock.

In their newest release, the Bozeman-based band revels in dark, anthemic lyrics flooded by fast-as-hell guitar strumming. Vocalist Ben Spangler spits the lyrics out with the defiance of a scrapper just punched in the face, especially in songs like “Pig Has Gone Away,” where he spouts, “If you think the bad guys always lose, you got another thing comin.’”

The album’s darkness is counterweighted with smart-ass attitude, sharp wit and anguish about the state of the world, making it delectably ambiguous. Certain song titles, such as “Apes in Hell” and “Number of the Beast,” might trick you into thinking this is a death-metal album, but The Touchers present a little more like the Pixies and sound a lot like the frenzied rock ’n’ roll of Gaunt. It’s messy and indulging, good for a wild dance and worth sinking your teeth into. (Erika Fredrickson)

- Missoula Independent

"The Shotgun"

Catchy and twangy, this band has old -time rock and roll, coubtry and psychobilly in its blood. Short simple and to-the-point, the songs have shades of uncle tupelo, X, and the Rev. Horton Heat. Not so steeped in one of the aforementioned genres, these songs appeal to me. Vocals often sway from scratchy abrasion to warm harmony, but they are neither too harsh nor too bubblegummy. With guitar drenched in reverb (think Dick Dale), the classic surf guitar sound is all over the songs, but they complement the
songs very well.

At 17 tracks this is too much of a good thing, but a very good thing regardless.
- Punk Planet #68

"The Underwater Fascist"

Touchers - The Underwater Fascist (Independently released CD, Rock)
The guys in Touchers represent the seedy underside of ski resort towns like Bozeman, Montana. While yuppy visitors are slipping down the slopes in their overpriced retard gear, these guys tuck themselves away in the background and play absolutely rip-roaring abrasive rock music (most likely to vent their frustrations about the yuppy visitors who are slipping down the slopes in their overpriced retard gear). The Underwater Fascist works. This self-recorded album succeeds because of the inherent sincerity of the delivery. Instead of trying to sound like the latest hipster band or drown their instruments and vocals in effects, these guys play like hell and just let the machine capture their sincere harsh energy. Fast, loose, and slightly trashy...these tracks are refreshingly effective. Top picks: "Aphrodite Has Gone Mad," "Country Killer," "77," "Fire When Ready." (We absolutely love the ad featuring sea monkeys who have been transformed into underwater fascists.) (Rating: 5 of 5) -

"The Underwater Fascist"

The Touchers
The Underwater Fascist (4 stars)
Quite possibly one of the weirdest bands ever heard, The Touchers play manic and metal-tinged alt-country that's fun, unique and totally addicting. If you're a fan of strange music, this disc is a must. - Las Vegas Weekly


Blood Bath-2003
The Shotgun-2004
Pretty Baby-2005
The Underwater Fascist-2006


Feeling a bit camera shy



INFLUENCES: the dichotomy of late seventies early eighties punk that at that time was a musical youth based social movement. PIxies style cow punk, the freedom of the Melvins, the Fury of the Jesus lizard, and the live show of the Butthole Surfers....

SONGWRITER INFLUENCES: such as Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Danielle Johnston, and Frank Black. The D.C scene, FUGAZI, Bad Brains, Nation of Ulysses and lungfish and of course the many early punk bands, Ramones, Black Flag, DK, etc......

OPENED FOR: Frank Black and the Catholics, Porn, Melt banana, Mike watt, Burning Brides, Skeleton key, At the Spine, Drag the River, Wesley Willis, and Old Time Relijun.

TOURING: all of the northern half of the US, Elbow room chicago, The knitting factory NYC, The Black Cat DC, and touring the west coast, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado in April/ May 2007 and the Midwest and East coast in October 20007, and playing the Pacific NW all summer...


The shotgun 2004
received a very good review in Punk Planet

Pretty Baby 2005
received a good review in the Missoula Independent

New release produced by Jack Endino