The Tough & Lovely

The Tough & Lovely


Well-crafted original RnR with dynamite vocals, melodies, hooks and beats. rock, soul, garage w/ some 60s influences. A crossfire of warm guitars and swirling organ all solidly pounded out behind female lead vocals.


Born of an endless stack of old rock and soul records, most likely; born of the stars, most definitely…

Usually “falling stars” burn up before they make it through the atmosphere, but once in a great while something from the heavens finds its way to earth and hits with such force it leaves its mark for years to come. The Tough and Lovely are one of those rare and lucky stars that made the trip, and their debut album is one hell of an explosion. “Born of the Stars” is twelve well-crafted originals solidly stacked from top to bottom. But it didn’t just fall from the sky. You see, long before this super nova was ever cut to LP and burned to CD it was just a faint glimmer in a sky packed with so many much brighter luminaries, and it was those nearest to the T&L that the band emulated. Shooting stars like the Shocking Blue, the Shangri-Las, the Everly Brothers, The Zombies, Chris Clark and Irma Thomas all left great tail winds from which the band could build their own momentum.
The Tough and Lovely, which was first set into motion by guitarist and primary songwriter Andrew Robertson back in early 2002, was soon shining bright with the stellar vocals of lead singer Lara Yazvac, and it’s impact was certain with the inextinguishable charge of organist/guitarist Mark Sims, bassist Carol Schumacher, and drummer Christian Pierce all solidly pounding out straight-up, infectious rock and roll. Amidst a crossfire of warm guitars and swirling organ, the band began building quite a following in rock clubs throughout the Midwest, Mid-south, and Eastern United States. During the two years that followed, from the band’s inception to the release of their debut album, only those fortunate enough to hear the T&L’s first single or witness their live shows knew what was about to go down: “Born of the Stars” …a “Big Bang” if there ever was one!


(2003/Spoonful Records)

(2004/Spoonful Records)

Set List

Born of the Stars
It's Over Now
Hard To Love
One Man
I Will Not Hurt You
Never Let Me Go
Tough and Lovely
Good Find
Out Of Our Seats
See What Good Love Can Bring
The Ooh La La
How I Fall For You
Heavenly Bodies Fall
Just When I Thought
With You
Not Gettin' Forgotten
Little Star
Girl with the Broken Heart
I Should Have Known
various cover songs played occassionally too