The Tough Shits

The Tough Shits


A wild n hairy rock n roll band. We play exuberant sing-a-longs for modern sock hops.


All of the Tough Shits were born at a very young age. We somehow formed a band and moved into the same house so that we could devote all our time to becoming the tightest bros of all time (TBOAT). Without the hassles of jobs, girlfriends, or money we could finally put together outfits for the stage. John became a catalog model (he's tall) so he could pay for us to record. Now he is an object of ridicule to many and has lost all respect amongst people who know him personally.
We take a lot of influence from the populist attitudes of CCR, The Minutemen, Johnny Cash, and Bruce Springsteen; on the other hand we have a shamelessly flashy live presence that owes a lot to KISS and the Stones. All together, our package is substantial.


The Tough Shits - LP, self released
Flash Art - EP, self released

WMUH radio - "Goodnight Boys"
KXLU radio - "Gettin' Healthy For You"
The Watt From Pedro Show internet radio - "Teenage Dicks"

Set List

A typical set list goes like this:
Gonna Find Out
Goodnight Boys
Flash Art
Just Got Killed
Heard She Kisses on the Mouth
Gettin Healthy For You
Contact Love
Give Em Hell
Hard Times
Fog in Front of my Mind
Turnin' 25
Teenage Dicks

Occasionally we play covers such as:
Leave Me Alone - Zombies, by way of The Malibus
I Don't Mind - James Brown, by way of The Who
All This And More - The Dead Boys
Waddlin Around - The King Khan and BBQ Show

We have enough songs to switch them up frequently, and we rarely use a set list. Sets average around 40 minutes, and the songs are around 2 and a half minutes long.