The Tower of Dudes

The Tower of Dudes

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Not your average international accordion-laced cow-punk band. The Tower of Dudes' lively stage presence, along with their double-barreled, pump-action delivery, has been known to incite all manner of dancing, chanting and spellbinding, ear splitting, sing-a-longs.


The Tower of Dudes is a high-octane, traveling folk-country-punk band that employs an impressive variety of instruments. With the release of their second album, “Earl” The Tower of Dudes continue to deliver exciting, punchy sing-a-longs that are guaranteed to get you out of your seat and into your drink.

While The Tower of Dudes have been mentioned in the same breath as 16 horsepower, Neutral Milk Hotel, Gogol Bordello, Devotchka and Wolf Parade, spirited audiences generally consider them to be in a league of their own.


A Plan (2008)
Earl (2010)

"Jr. High School Man" (July, 2008)
"Hibernation" (June, 2010)

Music Videos
Jr. High School Man (March 2009)
A Plan (July 2009)
Hibernation (October 2010)

Compilation appearances
"Prague Independent Music collective Plan 1A" (2007)
"The interNASHional KENspiracy: A tribute to the music of Ken Nash" (2009)