The Towers

The Towers


We are The Towers. We're tall. We sweat....profusely! We write songs you'll pretend you're too cool to listen to...and you'll hate yourself for it! Most of all, we love the rock, and we hope you do too x


The Towers are officially 5 years old, but things only really kicked off a couple of years ago when vocalist Jamie Sellers joined the band. We hail from Glasgow. Our most rock'n'roll adventure so far was to Thurso in the Highlands of Scotland where we spent the night on beach after the gig, well until it got too cold atleast! We released our album 'Pop By Numbers' on our own label, Get Up Records, and its now onsale throughout Scotland and the world thanks to the internet. The album name was an attempt at sarcasm which may or may not have come off for us! Aged 18-23, we boast 2 pairs of brothers and 5 students among the band. Our collective height of 31ft 1in means we live up to our name in every sense, watch out for The Towers blocking out the sun in a town near you soon.


Pop By Numbers (Album - Dec 06)
One Good Reason (to dance) (Single - Apr 06)
Cut and Keep (EP - Dec 05)
My New Fear (EP - Feb 05)

Set List

1. One Good Reason (to dance)
2. As I Fall
3. One Blink For Yes, Two Blinks For No
4. Towns and Cities
5. Stop. Wake Up.
6. Home
7. Joyride

Typical set length - 30/35mins