The Toy Soldiers

The Toy Soldiers


Labeled as "retro-electro", The Toy Soldiers combine sincere lyricism reminiscent of northwestern indie-rock with the explosive energy of a French dance club. With a pallet of electronic rhythms and old-school funk lines, The Toy Soldiers are guaranteed to create a dance party.


Based on the simple idea that "people want to dance", The Toy Soldiers hit the San Francisco dance scene in early 2007 garnering a reputation as one of the most energetic dance bands in the city. Drawing on the lyrical influence of the northwest indie-rock movement and the energy of a French dance club, the band relishes getting the floor moving. Labeled "retro-electro", The Toy Soldiers bring a refreshing new twist to both the indie-rock and dance scene, exploding onto the stage with electronic beats and old-school funk guitar riffs that complement sincere lyricism. This unique style has garnered them comparisons to a wide spectrum of bands including Spoon, Postal Service, and Daft Punk.

Building off their live success, The Toy Soldiers traveled to Vancouver, B.C. in the summer of 2008 to record their debut self-titled EP at the renowned Armoury Studios (AC/DC, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Cranberries). After completing the recording, the band relocated to Seattle, WA to establishing a foothold in one of the best music markets in the country. The Toy Soldiers continue to live and write in Seattle, while managing a busy show schedule.

Drawing on their past musical experiences, the band is looking forward to a robust touring schedule in 2009.


Self-titled EP, October 2008

Set List

1 hour