The Tracers

The Tracers


Passionate music, coupled with a visually drawing and entertaining stage show are what makes us so unique. A classic rock with a hint of metal in an acoustic shell make this a grabbing experience with a growing fan base and a ton of professionalism. I wouldn't pass up on this.


The Tracers, in one form or another, have been playing music since they could hold an instrument. They are determined to find a bit of originality in an ever-conforming world while still keeping deep roots in the forebearers that made music what it is today. With an eclectic style and taste, The Tracers have been pleasing audiences underground for years. Now ready to become a public act, they're hitting the Philadelphia and surrounding areas hard! Either in the smallest of coffee houses, or the largest of stadium stages, The Tracers wish to make an impact and convert all listeners to fans, and fans to friends. With peaking interest after every show and a dedicated street team, The Tracers are sure to be a powerful force. Currently The Tracers are working with friends and promoters back on the West Coast in hope to broaden the size of their hungry audience.


Live Demo is available at all shows for little to no cost, and free to listen to on myspace and Website.

Set List

Usual half hour set includes the tracks on the live demo to gain familiarity. Other originals and one or two surprise covers are involved in Hour length or longer shows:

1. Un-Natural Disaster
2. Coulda' Shoulda' Woulda'
3. Swords 'n' Axes
4. Mars
5. Relatively History
6. Every Girl