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The best kept secret in music


Review - Antimusic online

The Transfer - Romantics and Addicts Review
by Paul Gunnels

Traveling around the state of Michigan, self-promoting their music for the past couple of years, The Transfer has laid it all out on the line. The Transfer was given an opportunity to record and produce Romantics and Addicts on Conquer the World Records in the Fall of 2003. Becoming one of the first bands to use podcoasting to fully promote their album, The Transfer was quickly added to over thirty stations including adding three songs to XM radio.

With screamo now making the mainstream with bands like, my personal favorite, Hawthorne Heights, The Transfer is still conquering the Indie scene with their first full-length album entitled Romantics and Addicts. Let me just lay it out there right now: This album is kick ass. This band/CD is a perfect example of why I became a staff writer for antiMUSIC; to discover great bands that are not mainstream and The Transfer is exactly that. Lyrically the words just speak to you. The words are not over complex yet they are not cliché; they are just down to earth and easy to relate to. One of my favorite lines is found in the song “Suffering” and it simply goes "so shut your face and I'll be everything you need". I don't know how many times I have used "shut your face" before and I think it is great that Steve, the vocalist, said it.

The CD is very consistent; there are no songs you will find yourself skipping. The CD is a short 10 songs but it spans over 40 minutes; just enough to give you a taste of this band and the potential they have. Don't be fooled by the screamo title; this is not "just another one of those bands". The Transfer contains all the elements to be a huge success.

You can check this band out on myspace, bandspace, and purevolume for sound clips from Romantics and Addicts. Personally, I was hooked after just hearing one song so I think you will be too. For those who like screamo, emoCore, etc and are fans of such bands as Hawthorne Heights, The Used, Thursday and others of that genre, I highly suggest this band. If you are from the Detroit, Michigan area I would also recommend seeing these guys live; I know I will be keeping my eyes peeled in my area for them coming through town. If you get a copy of the CD, whether it is at a show or through their website, some of my personal favorite songs are “Down With Everything”, “Suffering,” and “Perfect Day To Die”; even though I can easily sit and listen to the whole CD straight though. I give this band and this CD 5/5 stars without hesitation.

Article - Real Detroit Weekly - July 13th

As we examine last week, sometimes there are bands that are out the box ready to go; The Transfer are such a band. Although they aren't precisely my cup of tea, I cannot deny their craftsmanship. They just dropped Romantics & Addicts, a disk that runs through various stylings of the post-hardcore universe. Partially Poison The Well or Atreyu, but definitfely rising above the generic boring doldrums of typical screamo. The Transfer drop a billion plus variations in every composistion with ultra-pro recording and sound quality. This is an ultra tight offering of the genre that has swept the youth market.

Go and GO is a culture and events magazine circulated in Detroit.

The Transfer
By Nick Brandon
GO & DO Editor

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The Who's RIFFing: The Transfer is vocalist Steve Tutor of Canton, Justin Carls (vocals, guitar) of Plymouth, Ted Krisko (guitar) of West Bloomfield, Chris Larson of Canton on bass and drummer Steve Poirier from Plymouth.

The story behind the RIFFs: Carls and Tutor formed The Transfer in 2002, continuing a previous band the duo had played together in — there have been a few member changes since, but, according to Carls, the premise has never changed: Loud guitars and soaring vocals.

Explain the name: The group’s name stemmed from fellow local musician Dan Sluka of Coalition — it came up during a conversation with one of The Transfer’s former drummers.

“It’s kind of a skateboard or BMX term used when someone ollies or jumps over a gap or a space of some kind,” said Carls. “It’s a transfer.”

The sound of these RIFFs: With a rangy set of influences including The Cure, Smashing Pumpkins, New Order, Quicksand, A Perfect Circle and Journey, it’s clear The Transfer are looking for a rock sound that touches about every style possible.

“I have so many favorite records, it’s hard to pick,” Carls said. “We’re just trying to write engaging rock music.”

Got RIFFs on the record? The quintet has released several self-recorded E.P.s, but its new album Romantics and Addicts is the true debut from The Transfer. Recorded by Tim Patalan (Sponge, The Fags) and Bill Kozy (Cheap Trick), the record appears to be the best way to experience the band’s sounds.

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Press release issued.


Detroit rock band creates a underground radio buzz through podcasting.

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Romantics & Addicts - Conquer The World Records #26


Feeling a bit camera shy


(Band Bio)

The Transfer from Detroit Michigan is a five piece cutting edge modern rock band. Formed in 2001 the band has matured from it's melodic hardcore and emotional punk roots into a professional rock unit. The band's songwriting is influenced by some of the best heartfelt post hardcore groups from the nineties, and this gives the music it's emotional and artistic feeling. The sound combines highly technical guitar and bass riffs with pounded and rocked out drums. Finishing off the sound is a layered strong clear passionate vocal with a progressive pop sensibility. The Transfer's music is equally fun to listen to and engage live as much as it is technical to perform.

In 2004 The band made contacts with local music producers and personalities Bill Kozy (Cheap Trick, Lit, The Suicide Machines, D12, Eminem, Five Horse Johnson) and Tim Patalan (The Fags, Sponge, Fretblanket, Local H) at "The Loft" in Saline Michigan, and began cutting demos. Around the same time a friendship and working relationship developed between underground Detroit indie record label personality Mike "CTW" Warden (Conquer The World Records) and the band. It was decided between all the parties and with the undying dedication of everyone involved the sessions would turn into a full blown professional recorded album. To cut the story short a year and a half later through a lot of hard work The Transfer emerged from the studio with 10 songs that would rival today's mainstream rock acts.

With over 100 live shows already performed on small and large stages The Transfer has already created a buzz locally and is ready to take it to the next level. This spring 2005 marks the release of The Transfer's "Romantic and Addicts" album and with no doubt it will establish the band at the forefront of Detroit's Modern Rock Movement.

(Label Background)

Although sales on the Conquer The World label during the 90's never exceeded 10,000 copies for any release and most were in the 1 to 3,000 pieces range. CTW made a difference and strived to have an identity unsaid without ever saying what that identity was. Collectively the label pressed about 75,000 records and or CDS in it's history. It was known early on that CTW had an ear to the ground and would be an important and influential name in underground music.

CTW is most notably known for discovering and releasing the first Boy Sets Fire record. The band would quickly climb the ladders of the independent hardcore scene and then get signed to a major label. Although Boy Sets Fire never sold millions of records they have sold hundred's of thousands and without a doubt are a major influence for a lot of today's biggest modern rock bands. For a complete discography of the label please check out the new CTW myspace page @ .

(Buzz Sheet)

August 3rd - Flint Mi Rock's 101.5 WWBN will feature the band on it's music meeting show Sunday the 7th at 7pm and 11pm.

Also this week The Transfer getting spins on KBVU Iowa's Alternative show. Tracks, 1,3,4 getting attention.

July 14th - Ted was interviewed on the GameShout Radio program where they talked about winning the local Gameriot battle. They also played "Down With Everything" Here is the link.

July 14th - The godfather of podcasting MTV's Adam Curry played "How Hazardous We Are" on his Daily Source Code where he said "Now for some kick ass podsafe music The Transfer" - estimated 50,000 listeners.

Band is scheduled to be featured on several key a&r music industry scouting sites within the next 2 weeks (July).

Gary Salvelson�s Demo Diaries:
Dean the King of A&R � Kings of A&R - Posted Now
Steve Walker & Radio Contraband

Detroit press the week of July 10th includes a feature in Real Detroit Weekly, The Detroit News, and The Detroit Free Press mentioning the band�s appearance at the legendary St Andrews Hall.

The band played at St Andrews hall July 12th as a part of the GameRiot tour. ( �Being selected to play out of all the great Detroit local band�s is an accomplishment in itself,� said Krisko one of the bands energetic guitarists. Sponsors include MTV2, Myspace, Xbox and more. The Transfer WINS and will advance to the online finals where by voting the winner will get to be on an Xbox game as well other doors opening.

The Transfer's CD "Romantics & Addicts" is available directly on the bands website @ where one click on the banner will purchase it with your credit card or paypal account.

Detroit Commercial stations, WRIF 101.1, 88.7 CIMX, 97.1 WKRK have been playing The Transfer and spotlighting the band for weeks on their