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The Transfer

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Catchy hooks and soulful guitar riffs combined with gritty and emotional lyrics make up the sound of The Transfer. With a live show that brings the flare of hip-hop and the power soul they are bridging the gap in pop music much in the way of Gym Class Heroes.


The Transfer is a band on the forefront of modern music. Six artists from Hollywood, California, whose style fits in somewhere between Maroon 5 and Gym Class Heroes. A modern blend of rock and soul, with deep roots in hip-hop. Their lineup includes a singer and a rapper, who are able to play off each other and seamlessly trade lead duties. An energetic and powerful live show has given them a diverse fan base primarily in the West Coast, where they've tirelessly toured city to city in their 15 passenger van. The diversity in their fan base can be attributed to their eclectic range of songs and styles, listeners from many backgrounds find something they can relate to in The Transfer. Their songwriting ability has led them to write and produce for artists from Universal and Tommy Boy as well as upcoming acts from Oakland to Australia. Their close relationship with Australia's DJ Rush has given them a growing population of followers down under, where they'll embark on a tour in January. The Transfer is a band perfectly suited for the current climate in pop music, a group that is able to blend genres while remaining artistically strong.


The Transfer E.P.
T-Time(solo) Got it Right Here

Set List

Set list time varies from 30min to 3hours if needed. We can learn and perfrom any song needed but like to keep the majority originals.

1. Metropolis
2. Uncle Ron's Town
3. Hold On
4. So Much to Me (Ooh)
5. Cruel
6. Caravan
7. Prettier
8. She Needs a Life
9. Line We've Drawn (Baby Baby)
10. Anthem
11. It's What