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"The Transfer - "Romantics & Addicts""

Playing energetic pop-punk similar to the likes of Fairweather and older Saves the Day, The Transfer boast a little shredding here, a little cheesiness there, and a restless full-force approach everywhere. With the genre getting swallowed alive by kids who think screaming is what gives it that extra bit of emotion, and that candy coating every hook is the only way to come across as a serious force to be reckoned with, these guys stand out by doing neither and bringing a completely mature aura to a sound that has recently been marketed towards kids who still have cubbies.


It's been years since I've heard a band pull a non-hardcore breakdown off like these guys do in the third track, Down With Everything. I hope these guys are poised to bring back the cred to pop-punk, because they have everything it takes to write music for the neo-emo crowd as long as they keep their feet solidly planted where they are. Solid on every single front, there is nothing that could slow these guys down. Listen to Suffering, and tell me these guys aren't a throwback to when this sound was golden.

It's true: some of the songs that are on this record fall a little short, but only because they've set such a high standard with the other songs. No One's Listening lacks a bit, as does Summertime Nightlife, thick chorus and all. It's not that these are bad songs, but I think I see a lot more potential in some of the songs than are fully unleashed on those tracks.

Aside from some of the aforementioned bands, I can totally feel a big inspiration for these guys must've been some hardcore bands or at least some specific hardcore records. There is a ton of palm muting and heavy parts that call to mind pits and two steps. And it blends in perfectly. As I've said before, these songs seem to be their best, from Down With Everything, Suffering, and Perfect Day to Die. Sometimes it even feels unintentional. Modest even.

The waxing and waning final track, Bleed Out a Warning, solidifies these guys as a force to be reckoned with. Solid, full vocals. Guitars that can be fast, heavy, and/or hook-laden. A bassist that doesn't just hold down the low end but commands the front at times, and drums that not only excel, but impress. Be about this guys as soon as possible.

The Verdict: 8/10 -

"The Transfer Press Release"

DETROIT, June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- New technology always creates opportunity
for bands willing to think differently. Podcasting is no exception, and
neither is The Transfer, whose single "Down With Everything" has been added to
the rotation of over 30 podcast stations.
The Transfer ( ) is pushing their new
independent release "Romantics & Addicts." The first single "Down" has
hundreds of spins on podcast shows and Internet radio stations alike.
"We've been amazed by how many people have added 'Down,'" said lead singer
Steve Tutor. "We're very excited that so many people want to play our music."
The Transfer's association with Podcasting started when suspense author
Scott Sigler used "Down" as the intro music for his podcast novel Earthcore
( ).
"He used 'Down' in his podcast, and we started getting all kinds of
traffic on our site," said band manager Mike Warden. "We found out Earthcore
has 6,000 people listening to it every week, so that's a lot of exposure."
The Transfer headlines the GameRiot Tour at Detroit's St. Andrews hall on
July 12th ( ). Tour Sponsors include MTV2, Myspace and
The Transfer's CD "Romantics & Addicts" is on Conquer The World Records
( ) and is available directly at .
"Romantics & Addicts" was recorded at The Loft in Saline, MI, and produced
by Tim Patalan and Bill Kozy. Patalan produced rock acts such as Sponge,
Local H, Fretblanket and The Fags, while Kozy has worked with Cheap Trick,
Lit, D12 and Eminem.
Hear "Down With Everything" for free at
- PRNewswire

"Creating A Pre-Release Online Buzz Through Podcasting"

For many independent artists, there are several exciting alternative tools for expanding their audiences outside of FM radio, MTV and the major label system. Detroit Rock Band "The Transfer" has recently been using one to promote their new independent release Romantics & Addicts. The first single "Down With Everything" is now getting hundreds of plays on podcast and internet radio stations alike after being added to 25 podcast stations this week...Thanks to the digital revolution and Podcasting, the article points out that techno savvy bands have new opportunities to market their music even before the CD is finished being mixed or manufactured...In this case, the band started contacting podcast stations before the product was even ready...IMHO that's a smart move that I'm sure will become a required release strategy as the new medium grows steadily to reach critical mass...

"We couldn't get any airplay from terrestrial stations without a finished record or without using costly and timely promotional machines already in place, but we could send MP3s to internet stations and podcasters and they loved the song...We've had really credible results and personal response from the podcasters and the listeners equally." - Billboard PostPlay

"Headline : Detroit rock band rallies for support to win online contest."

Recently, the Detroit based rock group, The Transfer, have been hitting the airwaves and creating a buzz using podcasts to promote their new album, "Romantics & Addicts". The campaign so far has been a success, receiving airplay and praise on over forty stations since June.

The Detroit rockers recently won the Gameriot Battle of the Bands in their hometown, advancing them to the final stage of the contest. The band is once again hitting the streets, so to speak, issuing a call to arms for their fans. On July 25th, voting begins for the chance to have a song featured in the upcoming Xbox video game from 2K Sports, College Hoops 2K6. The band with the most votes in this MySpace sponsored contest wins the prize.

As is the case with all contests, The Transfer is up against some tough competition. Several other bands are vying for the top spot and the opportunity to have their song featured in College Hoops 2K6.

To cast your vote for The Transfer in the Gameriot finals, point your browser to You must be a member of MySpace to vote. Voting begins July 15th and runs until August 15th.

Gameriot is Sponsored by MTV2, Nesquik, Xbox, and Myspace. -

"The Transfer sound like AIR SUPPLY!?!?!?"

This is going to sound horrible, but The Transfer sound a lot like Air Supply. Now stay with me here, they share similarities in vibe and sound, but where Air Supply was based firmly in the 80's, The Transfer are well established in the music of the 00's. Believe me, I am trying to pay this band a compliment...

See, the 80's feel of music was complex and addictive, full of great hooks and a pop feel that didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth. Somewhere towards the late 80's it lost its luster in the hair bands, but that is besides the point. The Transfer accurately captures that nuance of carefree revelry in music, leaving me completely satisfied while updating the sound with a hard rock feel which really isn't. It has so many aspects which will make it appealing to a discerning public if they can be heard.

What sets The Transfer above the common band is their songcraft; melodies and hooks abound, weaving in and out of each song creating a simply solid album. Production beautifully captures and accents the energy. Guitars succinctly change gears between break-neck single note lines to chugga-chugga rhythm sections without faltering. Bass and drums nicely add and subtract from the overall structure to give great breathing spaces creating great ebb and flow. Vocals remain the most consistent piece, working as glue to bring all of the parts together.

Overall, Romantics & Addicts just works; using energy and drive to carve out a definitive niche in the rock landscape.

-bishop -


Break the Lines EP - 2002 (Self-released)
Summertime Nightlife EP - 2003 (Self-released)
Romantics & Addicts LP - 2005 (Conquer the World Records/
"Detroit burned down and so did the scene..." - 2009 (unreleased)



The Transfer never stops.

Winter, 2001. In a dark, dank basement on Detroit’s Westside, five young men come together to carry on the tradition of hardcore and punk that is seminal in creating the ‘emo’ radio takeover. Starting off with a strictly DIY mentality, The Transfer played all over the state averaging over 200 shows a year at any venue that would have them. Designing flyers, burning CD’s and screen-printing t-shirts. Anything to let people know they existed in an all but burnt-out shell that was the local music scene. Luckily, persistence pays off. It wasn’t long until The Transfer’s stage presence, sound and dedication started to turn heads. Making a mad dash for the top of the Detroit scene, the band started to open for larger national acts at the famed St. Andrew’s Hall along with regional tours throughout the Midwest. It was around this time that The Transfer was approached to record their first full-length album with Conquer The World Records (Boy Sets Fire, The Holy Fire) and producer Tim Patalan (Lovedrug, Sponge, The Fags). In 2005, the long-awaited ‘Romantics & Addicts’ album gained distribution through iTunes at a time when that was easier said than done. The album was met with praise from fans and critics alike and was even hailed as one of the best recordings to come out of the Motor City ‘in a long time’. It became apparent that fans loved the bands originality. The ability to remind you of all their influences while still creating a unique sound. The Transfer has never fallen victim to the generic pop punk sound that pollutes MySpace.

As fate would have it, shortly after the release of ‘Romantics & Addicts’ a line-up change was in the stars. For most bands this can be a devastating blow to their immediate future. For The Transfer, it was just another challenge to overcome. The band refused to give up on the music they felt so passionately about and enlisted new lead singer Jack Miles. Fast forward to 2007. The Transfer starts networking with as many people and bands as possible via their MySpace page. Everyday new friends were gained and plays increased threefold. There was one clear message the band kept hearing over and over: ‘We want more songs’.

Enter 2009. Another dark basement in Detroit, another vision of what the future holds. The Transfer completes their sophomore effort ‘Detroit Burned Down and so did The Scene…’ earlier in the year. Conceptually, it’s a nod to the once vibrant Detroit DIY punk scene. Musically, it’s a geographical map that will lead you to regions of soundscapes… Harmony, Chorus, Space, Distortion, Dischords, Majors, Minors, Open and Muted. Listen with your eyes closed - you can see all the sounds...

Currently, The Transfer is seeking a record label and management to continue their mission. A national tour is being scheduled as the band is in discussions with various record labels to release their latest album "Detroit Burned Down & so did The Scene..."

The Transfer will never stop.