The Transhumans

The Transhumans


The Transhumans: Leading edge acousto-electric, ambio-beat, trance-dance shock-wave improvisations The Transhumans: Like Merzbow meets Lightning Bolt. The Transhumans: FX/Synths/Samples/Gongs/ Drums/Cymbals/Loops/ScreamingNoiseMoods The Transhumans: Three for the price of One


The Transhumans produce leading edge acousto-electric improvisations, all recorded live in-studio, that might remind you of a combination of Merzbow and Lightning Bolt. Justin Cassidy and Patrick Rodriguez each bring their unique abilities behind synths, samplers and effects boxes and meld them with the Jazz talent of Bob Sterling who simultaneously plays drums, samplers,triggers, and other assorted electronic devices. The intense combination of sounds might leave the listener somewhat bewildered at times, but their extended ambient moments leave plenty of opportunity to recharge before the next aural onslaught. Their live performances fill and energize the room with dense harmonics and energetic pulsations that are unique to a genre in search of a fresh new voice.
Their influences stretch from John Coltrane, Miles and Cecil Taylor to Merzbow and Throbbing Gristle, then on to Kafka, Dick, Burroughs and Krishnamurti.


The Camel Salesman

Written By: Bob Sterling of The Transhumans

i am a camel salesman of the most sordid type; i take the babies and deprive them of their parents' love and nurturance, raising them in little pens like chickens or veal, then contracting with sheiks and wanderers for their deliverance upon the age of maturity to be used as gun and drug runners, to trek long distances carrying heavy loads for year upon year until their ultimate senescence whereupon i buy them back, as arranged in the contract, for pennies on the drakma, then sell them to the processing plants to be dissembled into various parts and substances thenceforth sold at various prices to various organizations in bulk. i do this as a profession chosen for me by those who partook of my ascension and training in ways similar to these camels and i have few choices in the matter except maybe where and when to eat and with whom to engage in leisure, sex and other consumptive processes, paying most of my earned wages and profits back to those who brought me into this arrangement by means of the contract, the birth scholarship to life, fulfillment and security, according to its terms, definitions, rules and stipulations and by which i am judged and adjudicated and which implies, upon pain of denial, denegration and disdain that i comply with their wishes in the name of law, tradition, community, public health, longevity, common sense, and the general good


Just released! "Five Stories," a five mini-disc album recorded live, replete with text. First released at the Ventura New Music Festival, it is now available at their website

Our next CD, "Into The Maelstrom," will be released on pfMentum Records by the end of the year. Also recorded live in our studio, it extends our concept compositionally without detracting from our improvisational roots.

Set List

Our sets are all improvisational and may last an hour straight. The only thing we may "cover" are our ears.