The Transmissions

The Transmissions


The Transmissions create a unique blend of post-punk experimental art rock that could be compared to a combination of Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, The Cure, and early Modest Mouse.


The Transmissions are a Los Angeles area band that play their own blend of indie art rock that is unique to their unconventional playing styles and wildly energetic live shows. The band’s music has been compared to that of the Talking Heads, The Cure, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, and Fugazi, but is always qualified as unique and beyond mere imitation of their influences.

The band recently released it’s fifth album “Greater Imperfections” and it’s currently available through iTunes and the band’s website. The featured single from the EP, "Over Saving Mountain" has received regular airplay on KROQ and was also featured as Track of the Day on Indie 103.

The Transmissions formed at the beginning of 2003 and released their first album “Green Arke EP” later that year.
At the end of 2004 they released “Over Wires”. In 2005 they released “Burning the Winner” which was recorded with bass player Josh Solberg, an integral member of the trio since early 2004. The line up has currently evolved to: Christian Biel on vocals & guitar, Jeff Kazanjian on drums, and Corey Lyons on bass & keys.


"Green Arke" EP - radio airplay on KXLU, KZSU
"Over Wires" LP - radio airplay on KXLU, KXSU, Indie 103
"Burning the Winner" extended EP- radio airplay on KXLU, KXSU, Indie 103
"Up From the Spinner EP" - radio airplay on KXLU, KXSU, Indie 103
"Greater Imperfections EP" - radio airplay on KROQ, KXLU, Indie 103

Set List

Over Saving Mountain
The Catch
Night Sun
The New Rule