Ashland, Kentucky, USA

We are upbeat, fast, high energy band. We do not sound like everyone else we have an original sound. We are a highly driven band and are always looking to strive for more!!!! Anyone and everyone would like our music.We have what it takes to be a touring band and more, and we would love to do it.


Formed in 2004 in Ashland, Ky The Transmissions is a high energy ground stomping 4 piece punk band consisting of Shannon Reynolds (lead vocals), Brad Kirk ( guitars,backup vocals), Naomi Kirk ( bass and backup vocals), Josh Sparks (drums). The band has had a live stage presence in and around the area for 4 years. The Transmissions are know for their rawness, speed and fist pumping live shows. Some influences were derived from old school punk, and grunge rock with a bit of a twist. Proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages. Profoundly known as the band that stands out and performs with the caliber of a professional band. The band is striving to hit the open road touring and looking to become a household name in every home. What sets The Transmissions apart from other punk bands is that they are not sloppy in their performances. Some have even said they do not like punk music, but they love The Transmissions.


The Invasion (2007), The Stampede (2009)
The Transmissions LIVE (2010)
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