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"The Transmissions : Punk Rock Is Alive and Well In Ashland"

"With the iconic “1-2-3-4” and clicking-drumstick kickoff made famous by some of the greatest names in punk rock, The Transmissions leave listeners with no doubts about their love and dedication to one of the most antisocial forms of modern music.

Formed in 2004 in Ashland, the punk band is gaining recognition for their high energy, ground-stomping approach to live performances revealing sounds derived from old-school punk, grunge rock and beyond, said drummer Josh “The Preacher” Sparks.

“What sets The Transmissions apart from other punk bands is that they are not sloppy in their performances. Some have even said they do not like punk music, but they love The Transmissions,” Sparks said.

The band, made up of vocalist Shannon “Mr. Bones” Reynolds, bassist Naomi “Noodles” Kirk and guitarist Brad “B Rad” Kirk, all graduates of Fairview High School, first formed in 2004, adding Sparks, who graduated from Paul Blazer High School, as their drummer about four years ago.

“They had an ad on craigslist looking for a drummer and I had just brought my drums home from church,” Sparks said of his entry to the group, adding he was a fan of high-intensity music including rock and heavy metal as well as gospel and country but found himself a bit unprepared for the band’s raw power, speed and fist-pumping live performances. “It was a challenge for me ... playing fast. I fell in love with it.”

The Transmissions now bring their energized live shows to audiences anywhere they can, according “B Rad” Kirk.

“We play from Louisville to Charleston and everywhere in between,” the guitarist said, emphasizing they get their greatest satisfaction from playing good shows for people who appreciate what they do. “For us, it’s all about the music.”

Anyone who thinks punk rock is dead may want to keep that opinion to themselves when speaking to The Transmissions highly-aggressive blue-mohawked guitarist. “Obviously it’s not because we’re alive and well,” he said. “The Transmissions are alive and well and we’re actually reinventing punk.”

The band’s members have plenty of bad role models amidst the history of punk rock, although they are unified in their desire to bring a well-honed edge to the stage when they perform.

“We are more of a disciplined band than a lot of what punk rock is supposed to be,” Kirk said, prompting Sparks to add, “We practice and we’re big on dynamics and time changes and stops and things like that. I think punk bands are all about precision.”

“We would love to play stadiums and get enough (money) to live, but playing music in front of people is what I like to do,” Kirk stressed.

Providing the powerful, saturated and driving low end for The Transmissions, bassist “Noodles” Kirk said she commonly meets people who refuse to believe she is a member of the band.

“I encounter that a lot ... they think girls can’t play,” she said. “Some will say I’m a groupie and I say ‘I’m the bass player.’”

The Transmissions tend to play primarily original songs from their library of roughly 30 tunes written by Reynolds or the band as a team, although they do sometimes play their favorites from bands including The Ramones and others." - The Daily Independent

"Underground Art, Music Scene Comes Up For Air"

photo caption: "Shannon Lee, lead singer of The Transmissions, performs during a recent show at The Poor House in Ashland, KY."

"...Ashland's own punk rock band, The Transmissions, who've earned favored status as house band at The Poor House." - The Daily Independent


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Formed in 2004 in Ashland, Ky, The Transmissions is a high-energy, ground-stomping, 4-piece punk band consisting of Mr.Bones (lead vocals), B-rad (guitars, backup vocals), Noodles (bass and backup vocal), and Mike Boggz (drums). The band has had a live stage presence in and around the area since 2008. The Transmissions are known for their rawness, speed, and fist-pumping live shows. Some influences were derived from old school punk, and grunge rock with a bit of a twist. Proven ability to entertain audiences of all ages. Profoundly known as the band that stands out and performs with the caliber of a professional band. The band is striving to hit the open road touring and looking to become a household name. What sets The Transmissions apart from other punk bands is that they are not sloppy in their performances. While influenced by a wide-range of music, stretching from old-school punk to legendary country singers, The Transmissions have managed to keep a unique sound. Some have even said they do not like punk music, but they love The Transmissions. Having played hundreds of shows in the tri-state area, recently touring the East Coast, performing at the well-known Skatopia twice and a number of art-punk house shows, the band is hungry for more.