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"Music Review Unsigned"

Treading Lemmings remind me of the UK in the late 70’s early 80’s when punk bands started to learn how to play their instruments and learn how to write songs. Cliff notes to me, is reminiscent of bands like “The Ruts” “The Squeeze” “the boomtown rats” and “The Stranglers”. Lots of energy, good music to listen to when you’re getting ready to go out on a Friday night.

There’s also a similarity to newer bands, “Kaiser chiefs” in particular, but Treading Lemmings are a lot rawer, without the slick production, which I personally think is their strong point.

One of the main things a record company look for when signing a band is their ability to re-create live what they’ve recorded in the studio. Treading lemmings are certainly able to do this and I’m going straight over to facebook to click on their “like” button! - Tobye Hillier

"Local Bands Rock The Fells Point Festival"

The Treading Lemmings have a distinct sound, reminiscent of The Smiths or The Stone Roses and dubbed “American Brit-Pop.” Catchy, melodic, and tasteful, bring your dancing shoes when you come to see these guys because they really throw down. Their new album Cliff Notes is out now and available on Itunes.

- Baltimore Examiner

"Surf's Up This Friday in Perry Hall"

Also on the bill for the night is local award-winning Brit-Pop band The Treading Lemmings. Taking home Froglix Radio’s 2010 Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for their debut record Cliff Notes, the band has made its mark with infectious hooks and danceable grooves. If you close your eyes for a moment you might think the lads hail from Manchester rather than Rockville, their music giving nods to English bands such as The Stone Roses and The Smiths. With tasteful tones and intelligent lyrics, The Treading Lemmings deliver a unique performance as keepers of the flame to a genre not heard nearly often enough these days.

Continue reading on Surf's Up This Friday in Perry Hall - Baltimore indie music |
- Baltimore Examiner

"The Treading Lemmings: Review"

American indie rock/Brit-Pop band, The Treading Lemmings, have an unusual name. The name Lemmings is associated with alien-like creatures submerging from reality, jumping into situations that inevitably end in disaster. However, if you add a mix of alternative genre and strong vocals; the weird creatures turn into superheroes. Anyway, enough of this inept descriptive writing, we’ve got a job to do. The Treading Lemmings, a five piece band from America, each member fluent in cultural difference, bring different sounds from different areas of America. This is unique in similarity to many British indie bands, example: Hotclub De Paris, all from Liverpool. This may be a musical factor that delves into sociological theories but you’re not here to listen to theories, you’re hear to read a review. Lets begin:

A Roar From Boring Alice, hopefully this name isn’t significant in sound. From the beginning, a fast drum beat hits you in the face. Shocked and dizzy you wonder what’s next, enter soft lyrics, just don’t shout!!! Yes, the lyrics are soft but that progresses the songs tempo in a mysterious way, just like the bands background and culture. The guitar and bass notes simplify the drum sounds and accompany each other like toast and butter, god I’m hungry for more. Before we eat lets go to the beach where we’re All At Sea. God, thank-god I didn’t eat this rides rocky. This track changes direction and the lyrics roughen up, I feel like I’ve been beaten up. They are that commanding and forceful that I feel like I’m on the Titanic ship getting ready for the inevitable swim as women and children are swept onto the small boats. However, there’s nothing cold about this track. Lets get out of this situation and lets read All She Wrote. If this track was a fairy-tale story, Goldilocks would have been eaten. The sounds progress simplicity that many bands fail on. As I listen further a puzzle is left unwrapped, as the lyrical meaning deepens and finish in a mystery. Before, we leave this song behind I would like to announce that you have exceeded expectations and you should tour in the UK. Wow, I’m quite soppy.

Back in the day when the Beatles swallowed the music industry, The Treading Lemmings had a Trail Of The Century. As tracks go this could destroy the mainstream indie sounds in the UK. The guitar riffs change and the drum beat becomes more sophisticated, something that was missing. The last two songs: Tempest in a Trousseau and The Unbelievable Truth: further delve into the style they have accompanied themselves with. This style is unique and complex with context that changes scenes. Hopefully, this band will come to the UK and do a tour. - Independent Music News - Daniel Thomas

"Treading Lemmings (Label-Free Friday)"

For the inaugural Label-Free Friday, I talked with Ricky from Rockville, Maryland-based Treading Lemmings about the band, guitar, & their new release, Cliff Notes. That’s Ricky on the left, the one with the impressive vert! I really like their sound. I can hear the influences, but the writing & arrangements are fresh and all their own. Quinn has a very cool & distinctive voice. The lyrics range from beautiful (All She Wrote) to fun & silly (Talula Does the Hula), and the melodic & jangly guitars complement each other perfectly (and what’s not to like about a band that has a Strat & Ric combo!). They put on a fun & energetic live show. Check ‘em out.

You guys have a distinctive sound, tell me about it:

We call it “American Brit-Pop.” it is basically guitar-driven, high energy melodic rock. We all have slightly different influences, but if you listen closely you can hear elements of them in our sound…The Smiths, Elvis Costello, The Who, The Jam, etc. But we think it is a unique sound that is reminiscent of the great 80’s Brit-Pop and new wave/power pop bands we listened to and learned to play guitar on. But it is our own sound.

How long has the band been around?:

The Treading Lemmings originally started back in the early 90’s, recorded a 5 song EP “Go Lightly” in 1995 and then broke up shortly afterwards. Around 2005, Quinn decided it was time to “get the band back together” and reconnected with former guitarist/co-song writer Andj Stainer. They brought in Mr. Marc to play bass and Steve Snider to play drums. I joined the band as the second guitarist in June 2006. In Jan 2007 Steve was replace with current drummer Joe Zad.

Tell me about your guitars & gear:

I play a 2004 Rickenbacker 360LH with a “Jetglo” finish (black) equipped with the vintage “toaster” pickups. I used D’Adarrio XL strings (11 gauge.) I bought the guitar new from South Paw Guitars in Texas. I totally love my Ric (which is where the “Ricky” stage name comes from). My pedalboard set up is that I go through a Earnie Ball passive volume pedal into a series of 6 Boss pedals: Chromatic Tuner, Overdrive/Distortion, Super Chorus, Super Phaser, Graphic Equalizer, and Digital Delay. I play through a Peavey Classic 30 amp that has a standard Blue Marvel speaker and currently running on SovTek Tubes. I usually get my “crunch” sound straight from the distortion channel in the amp, and then leave the clean channel for the clean sound. When I need a big wall of heavy distortion, I play though the clean channel and step on the Overdrive/Distortion pedal where the drive is maxed out. I’m very happy with my set-up and have been for quite some time.

Talk about this band and the ‘Andys’:

The Treading Lemmings have a history of multiple Andy’s in the band. There have been a total of 5 since its inception. Both guitarists in the current lineup are named Andy. To avoid confusion, one goes by “Andj” and I earned the nickname “Ricky”…for my guitar.

Congrats on the new release, it sounds great! Where can people find it?:
Our debut album is titled Cliff Notes, and was released September 25, 2010. It can be purchased for $10 at any show in the Baltimore/DC area, or online at Amazon, cdbaby, or iTunes. - 22

"New Release: Cliff Notes by Treading Lemmings"

Here’s what I know…Quinn (vox), Joe Szadkowski (drums), Marc Roulier (bass), Andrew “Andj” Stainer (guitar) and Ricky Hunt (guitar), collectively known as Treading Lemmings, are passionate about their music. They believe in it and, after listening to their most recent full-length studio offering entitled Cliff Notes…so do I. Nearly a year and half ago, the Lemmings set out to write, record and produce a solid pop/alt-rock album. They have succeeded. But…let’s back up just a tad shall we?

The Froglix Faithful were first introduced to the Lemmings shortly after our initial launch back in the summer of 2009. It was then, on one fateful Friday evening in July, I made the trek “into town” to check them out live. About halfway through the show, Quinn hands me two (2) things. A Treading Lemmings t-shirt (still got it…still where it) AND a 4-song EP. I stayed for another set before jumping back in the car for the long journey back to my humble abode (aka Froglix World Headquarters) in Wild Wonderful West Virginia. The first thing I did, after strapping on the seatbelt of course, was pop the disc into the player and commenced with the listening. I was impressed. My initial review touted their music as having a “sound that is creative, energetic and, best of all, pleasantly dissimilar to the mindless droves trying to become the next big emo-punk band” and I still believe that…even more so now having heard their latest album in it’s entirety.

Having followed this band for sometime, I’m impressed with how their sound has matured over the years and can very confidently say that Cliff Notes is their best work yet. Quinn’s solid vocal performance surrounds creative lyrics immersed in melodic guitars and strong bass lines anchored by a definitive alt-rock cadence. As for my favourite tracks, aside from those currently in rotation, the lively pace of “A Roar From Boring Alice” really jumps out to me right away as does the moodiness/melancholy of “Trial of the Century” and “How Green Was My Envy?” Regarding the latter, any song with a well placed eBow guitar sound is hard not too like!

Wanna rock Lemmings style? Get the Cliff Notes and study up! - - Drago

"Album Review: Treading Lemmings- Cliff Notes"

Anyone remember the early 90s computer game Lemmings? Basically you had to get the lemmings from one side of the screen to the other safely. The only problem was that the little rodents were prone to wandering, so you’d have to keep your team from walking off cliffs or falling into pits of lava.

There are no such worries in following Rockville’s Treading Lemmings; the places they wander are mostly dive bars and dancefloors. Their new record Cliff Notes (produced by Marco Delmar) is chock full of highly boogieable tunes and tasty guitar licks.

The fivesome sticks with a guitar-driven alternapop sound, a little like The Stone Roses with a few more rough edges. It’s hard not to bop along to the upbeat melodies on “The Unbelievable Truth” or album opener “Tempest in a Trousseau,” but the band does just as well with moodier numbers like the Dear John lament “All She Wrote,” which feels heavily influenced by Scot-pop outfit The Trashcan Sinatras.

“Talula Does the Hula” needs to become a Sesame Street sketch, stat: not just for the goofy rhyme, but as a warning to all new parents that the unique names they bestowed upon their infants—here frontman Chris Quinn gets hyperbolic, citing “#16 Bus Shelter” or “Fish and Chips” as baby names—will result in a lifetime of seething resentment. As Quinn sings, “What’s wrong with Barbara, Carol, John, or James? There’s no shame in the traditional. It doesn’t mean you must be dull.”

Cliff Notes is proof of that.

Listen if you Like: The Stone Roses, Harriet Wheeler (“that girl from The Sundays” in Lemmings-land), Trashcan Sinatras, the Valerie years on 90210 - District Noise - Juli Thanki

"Fun Time Out for All!"

The Treading Lemmings are in the ring for round 2 of crowd pleasing Washington, DC audiences with a mix of originals & varied covers (with a dash of recent era newer known harder edged radio hits) that your average joe off the street should recognize as seminal alternative. In a way, The Treading Lemmings are the sort of rock band that with little effort would be invited to grace the stages of clubs like The Roxy, or even the old 9:30 Club as an opener for touring acts in the mid 80s and early 90s. The Treading Lemmings will continue to perform to an appreciative audience because their show means a fun time out for all involved. Should they threaten to return to the studio with a view to release yet more original material, area audiences & beyond could be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Sean - Producer
The "Punk Punk Goose" show
College Park, MD
- WMUC Radio - College Park, MD


The Scene » Review: The Real Geniuses & The Treading Lemmings ...’s commentary on music, performances, and the DC metro area music scene.
Review: The Real Geniuses & The Treading Lemmings at the Whiskey, 1/16/09

"The Whiskey on West St. in Annapolis is a place that was an overpriced restaurant just a few years ago. Now the downstairs is a
popular bar for Annapolitans, and the upstairs is a surprisingly good concert venue. On this Friday night two bands entertained a
fairly large crowd who turned out for what was advertised as an 80s dance party.
First up were the Treading Lemmings and what they call an alternative take on the
80s. Their set could have been the programming for an hour of MTV’s 120 Minutes (a show now condemned to Monday’s pre-dawn
hours on VH-1 Classic) with many seminal 80s tunes, but not necessarily the biggest hits of the decade. For example, they played
U2’s “I Will Follow” instead of anything from The Joshua Tree. With a lot of attention to musical detail, the Lemmings truly did
justice to songs by acts such as the Police, Big Country, and the Cult that topped the college rock charts in the 80s. Even when
covering challenging songs such as the Vapors’ ode to onanism “Turning Japanese,” the Lemmings proved to be talented
This is my first time seeing either band, but I knew a lot about the Treading Lemmings and their front man Chris Quinn before this
evening, so I know that my reaction is as overdetermined as the Lemmings’ identity. The band plays 80s covers not to fill out a
set, but because they enjoying doing so and they can book gigs such as this one, but they played an entire set of original material
as one of the featured bands at the Maryland Music Festival last September, and they expect to release an album of original material
this year. Quinn also fronts the amazing Smiths tribute band Girlfriend in a Coma, who are currently on an indefinite hiatus. A few
months ago I interviewed Quinn for a project on Smiths tribute culture, and we discussed how he learned to be a front man about 25
years ago when he decided that he no longer wanted to be a drummer by watching the way Morrissey overcomes his natural
shyness. Fronting the Treading Lemmings, Quinn’s stage persona is like an elaborate set of inside jokes, and he is confident
enough in what he does to not really care whether or not people get it. For the first several songs of the set he had a Maryland state
flag tucked into the back of his jeans, coming out from beneath his smoking jacket like an ill-conceived cape – an homage to
Morrissey’s sometime ironic nationalistic posturing with a Union Jack. He responded to particularly enthusiastic applause from
the crowd of thirty- and forty-somethings the same way he responds to the rapturous ovation of Girlfriend in Coma fans: by saying
“you have incredible taste.” Chris’s vocal inflection when addressing the audience is the same with the Lemmings as it is when in
his “Quinn” persona fronting GIAC, but damn if he doesn’t sound just like Elvis Costello when singing “Radio Radio” and “What’s
So Funny About Peace, Love, and Understanding?” Then again, he sounds more like Elvis Costello than Michael Stipe when
singing “Radio Free Europe.” The set also included a new original song, which fit in with the rest of the set, revealing the way that
their influences and backgrounds can inform their own compositions.

Chris acknowledged the Lemmings’ abjectly alternative take on the 80s, considering that their set included The Who’s
“Substitute” as well as The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” and ended with a very faithful interpretation of Rancid’s “Ruby Soho.” The
term “80s pop” does not refer to a canon of songs recorded from 1980-1989 so much as the “Let’s Dance” attitude."

The Scene » Review: The Real Geniuses & The Treading Lemmings ...
3 of 4 1/19/09 7:29 AM

- The Scene

"Insisto Lemmini"

Historically, Lemmings have been portrayed in literature and legend as cute, cuddly rodents who like to gather in large groups at the edge of a mighty precipice, only to hurl themselves to their watery deaths. Not an overly flattering picture, I’m afraid, but an excellent metaphor for bands duped by the “majors” into patterning themselves after the “latest and greatest” group being touted by corporate radio (aka the devil). Thankfully, such is not the case with The Treading Lemmings an alt-rock/brit-pop band that hails from Washington, DC. These Lemmings are making their own way in the music world and are doing so with a sound that is creative, energetic and, best of all, pleasantly dissimilar to the mindless droves trying to become the next big emo-punk band.

Drummer Joe Szad and bassist Mr. Mark anchor the band’s compositions with a rhythm section that is strong like bull while Andrew Stainer and Andy Hunt add a world of light and colour to the mix with their exceptional guitar work. Lead singer Chris Quinn’s lyrics are insightful and his voice is as strong and commanding as his stage presence. Together they create a unified sound that resonates with remarkable originality. Froglix is thrilled to get a sneak peak at (3) tracks off their upcoming full-length release Cliff Notes and even more amped to be able to include them as part of our global broadcast. Not only is it ok to follow these Lemmings, it’s highly recommended! - Froglix Radio

"Garageband Track of the Day"


"All She Wrote" receives Track of the Day on Dec. 5, 2009 on - The Treading Lemmings


Buoyant 1993
CD/LP-Mini "Golightly 1995
Cliff Notes - 2010



"The Treading Lemmings have a distinct sound, reminiscent of The Smiths or The Stone Roses and dubbed “American Brit-Pop.” Catchy, melodic, and tasteful, bring your dancing shoes when you come to see these guys because they really throw down."

- Scott Hommel, The Examiner

Their CD, titled “Cliff Notes,” debuted on Sept. 25th, 2010 and has already garnered the group "Artist of the Year" and "Album of the Year" on The band has also been nominated in four categories for the Washington Area Music Association annual music awards - The Wammies.

Cliff Notes was produced by award-winning, Washington, D.C., area producer Marco Delmar. The Treading Lemmings have opened for groups such as The Futureheads, The Trashcan Sinatras and The Like. Their CD is available for purchase from CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon.

Cliff Notes has received glowing reviews and is being played on both internet and celestial radio, both in the US and the UK thus far.

Treading Lemmings are currently writing new material. In addition to performing locally, they are also planning various mini-tours throughout 2011.