The Tree

The Tree

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The Tree is the pinnacle of modern music. Twisting genres together into unique soundscapes, the band induces a trance-like state of ultimate chillness. Add the MCs and you've got yourself a titan of a band, both in quality of music, and also originality.


At their shows, one must be prepared for music that has the potential to branch out at any moment. Jazz inflected reggae grows into a World percussion jam. Some melancholic noise rock shifts occasionally into a minor-key funk, only to lay still in low drones. Delta blues antics just might crescendo into psychedelic storms and flurries of guitar virtuosity. Things always get crazy.
They play as proficiently as any weathered veterans, but the members of The Tree are all in their early to mid twenties. Music extends to an academic level for these musicians. Almost all of them are currently attending or have attended The University Of Massachusetts in Dartmouth for music degrees.
Scott Lyman, the pianist, navigates his keys with a fervor. Matt “Rico” Cavanaugh obliterates his drums while always staying locked in the pocket. Completing the other half of an impeccable rhythm section is Jacob O’Brien’s rock solid bass skills. And through all of it, Riley Stockwell coaxes things out his guitar that are downright unholy.

But here is kicker: Take any of the aforementioned jams, and add hip-hop to it. The Tree has two MCs, Christian Garris and Brandon Cabral. During improvisations, the duo take turns freestyling and getting the crowd crazy.

Accompanying them is the final member of The Tree, Michelle Oliveri, a vocalist who is two parts soulful singer, and one part quick-lipped scatwoman.

The Tree‘s ability to span the genre spectrum is truly shocking. Not only that, but they flawlessly find the perfect balance between originality and accessibility, resulting in a delectable serving of sounds all their own. Save the descriptive phrase “ear candy” for lesser bands, The Tree is a feast.


The Groton Sessions (5 song EP)

Set List

5 Dollar Penny
Bomber`s Day Off
Grand Daddy Purp
Tiki Torch Prt. 1
Dark Vater
Thanks Giving Disaster
It Just Feels Right
Knowshlamm (Nature vs. Nurture)
Bomber`s Day On (skit)
Bad Day Strut
One More Jam
The Prelude- Die Another Rainy Day
Broken Arrow
Rapture Day
The City
Life On Time
Jack Kerouac
Shadow Slip