The Trembling

The Trembling


Imagine Superchunk, The Pixies, Sleater-Kinney, then imagine something new budding from those influences. Now dance around a lot. You're getting close...


The Trembling's brand of indie punk harkens back to a time of grrrls-only mosh pits and an all-ages-only ethos. Early hometown (ie: Detroit) reactions were mixed. Some cheered on the effort while others said, "sure they're cute and catchy," but shrugged their shoulders at whatever it was that got their panties in a bunch.

See, when the trio formed in 2000, Roe had long-since clobbered Wade, feminist ideals and a DIY attitude appeared to be sticking around, and most punk kids were lolling in a post-Clinton haze of semi-contentment.

Fast forward five fast years, a CDEP, a split 7-inch and compilation appearances, a line-up change, countless shows that get consistently better and better, a few mini-tours and a couple wars, and now everyone is starting to get it.

Heck, Norma McCorvey (aka Roe) has since changed her view on abortion and now directs the Crossing Over Ministry, an anti-abortion organization. And remember the presidential election? WTF!

We digress... "Art For the Masses," the Trembling's first full length, a split release by Top Quality Rock 'n' Roll and Boy Arm, is out now.

And in true post-power-pop-punk antifashion, it filters the Pixies and Bikini Kill through the Ramones' three-chord strainer, wandering but waking you up in a way where, song after song, you won't know whether you should pump your fist, hop-up-and-down or do the twist. The angst is still there, but it's currently pursuing a graduate degree.

Super-fun and super-relevant, the boy-girl, call-and-response, call-to-arms vocals are a highlight. As is Busque's ridiculously tight bass playing — a single solid argument for how the world benefits from Adult ADHD. But just wait until you get to the surprise ending, a slow-skater for sure, "Art for the Masses" might even make you tear up a bit.

-Melissa Giannini


Art for the Masses - Full length record released on Boyarm and Top Quality Rock and Roll

One Scene to Another - Canadian Indie Pop Tribute Record released on Plumline Records

Seduce the Government - EP released on Top Quality Rock and Roll

Shooting Blanks/Oberlin - split 7 inch release with New Grenada on Plumline Records

Set List

Sets are generally 30-45 minutes tops, 6-8 songs

We play brand new songs mixed with a few record songs and occasionally throw in a cover for fun.