the trend

the trend


We are doing something different. Music is changing constantly, and so are we. The Trend is a rock band at heart, with influences from jazz, punk, metal, and blues. It's very important that there is ALWAYS a message and a meaning in everything that we play, sing and do... and we like to have FUN!


The Trend has been playing together for almost 4 years, we've played a lot of local shows, a few not-so-local shows, spent 2 years in a recording studio, made a great fanbase in our area, and made friends all along the way. We truely love playing music, and we love eachother just as much.

The area we live in has both helped and hindered our growth in music. It helps to live in a place where people feel trapped, lost, or hopeless when you are trying to reach that group of people.. and its a great place to be inspired. But, it's obvious that if we want to get a message out to the world, we need to reach further than our little corner of this red state.

We practice constantly, live together, and never stop thinking of new things we can do with our music. We draw influences from every direction possible, it would be much easier to name personal influences than influences on the entire band.

The thing we try to keep in mind is that we are 4 people with very different musical tastes... we think that gives us an edge. So, a guy that loves jazz, funk, and acoustic music; a guy that listens to a lot of folk, punk, hip-hop, and loves poetry; one that loves pop, rock, and anything with heart; and the guy that likes hardcore, emo, and acoustic rock... so, with all those influences, we make trend rock. (thus, the name of our website...)


Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays EP (5 songs 2004)

Anything Familiar EP (5 songs 2005)

Anything Familiar LP (11 songs 2006)

We've had airplay on Clear Channel Stations in our area, and we spent some time in regular rotation on one station, even breaking into the top 20 most requested songs (#11) on 102zoo out of Ashtabula, Ohio.

Set List

songs that stay in the set...
-an invitation
-box of chocolates
-coffee and jade
-in and out
-all the courage to be weak

songs that are sometimes played in the set...
-waking up is easier than falling asleep
-one too many
-untitled fifties song
-anything familiar

we can play sets from 30 mins. to an hour, usually we just play whatever time is available.

we do not play cover songs.